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Cracking references for Tony Smith from recent clients – see our website. This is a local family-run business with over 19 years of experience in pest control. They are qualified with the Royal Society for Public Health and are members of the National Pest Technicians Association. They deal with all insect and rodent infestations – eradication, proofing and establishing control methods – and it’s all backed up with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Locations: Wokingham, Winnersh, Emmbrook, Woosehill, Hurst, Twyford, Charvil, Hare Hatch, Waltham St Lawrence, Wargrave, Henley on Thames, Barkham, Arborfield, Eversley, Sindlesham, Finchampstead, Crowthorne, Bracknell, Ascot, Binfield, Winkfield, Warfield

Services include: Pest Control, Fleas, Cockroaches, Rats, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Pigeon, Flies, Moth, Moles, Beetles, Ants, Squirrels, Mice, Hornets, Rabbits, Glis Glis

Mobile: 07967 360000

* 10% discount for all Blue Light emergency service workers and NHS staff (show ID card) *

Year entered The Directory 2015

Latest Reviews and Feedback

Leon assisted us with our squirrel problem in the loft. He set traps in the garden and came out many times until the problem was fixed. Polite, professional, and effective. Would definitely use them again.

ND 08 21

Highly recommended. Immediate response, great customer service, flexed to suit our availability and determination to sort our rodents challenge! Thanks Debbie and Leon.

AM 08 21

Absolutely superb service . A wasp nest was discovered as my facias etc were being replaced. Phoned All Aspects Pest Control and they were with me and dealing with nest within 30mins. Phoned later in afternoon to check that everything was ok. Price was very reasonable . Can't praise them high enough.

ST 08 21

Excellent Service, came to deal with a wasp nest and whilst on site advised there were actually 2 close together, both dealt with and no more wasps. Will definitely use again.

MW 07 21

They were prompt, efficient and professional, arriving the morning after I had contacted them. They quickly analysed the problem and resolved the issue with clear knowledge and experience in pest control and drain management. I would recommend them.

ME 03 21

After the telephone call with the office, Tony arrived promptly to investigate a rodent issue. The measures put in place seem to have resolved the issue. Helpful advice was also freely given. Very satisfied with the service offered.

PE 01 21

We had a wasp nest in the roof and the wasps became very aggressive. Responded quickly, and sorted the problem. Could not actually get to the nest but two days later and not a wasp in sight. Price agreed beforehand, Good value.

DT 08 20

A professional, reliable and very effective service. Tony dealt with a rat problem in our loft and was informative and reassuring throughout. We would highly recommend him.

SB 07 20

A professional, reliable and very effective service. Tony dealt with a rat problem in our loft and was informative and reassuring throughout. We would highly recommend him.

SB 07 20

Tony responded very quickly to my enquiry and dealt with our wasp problem immediately. He is knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Highly recommended. As an OAP, it’s always good to encounter a tradesperson that is entirely trustworthy. I would definitely request his services again. Thank you.

JD 06 20

Had an ant problem - AAPS came out, gave me some advice without charging any call out fee. Would recommend.

CP 05 20

A big thank you to Tony who squeezed us in on the Easter weekend during lockdown, to investigate a rat problem in our garden. We appreciated his thoroughness, expert advice and honesty.

ET 04 20

I can thoroughly recommend All Aspects Pest Control to anyone needing a pest taken care of - prompt call-back, on time, easy to communicate with and absolute dedication to sorting out the issue. A professional and knowledgeable team.

AP 12 19

Excellent service from Tony who attended the day after my telephone call to deal with my rat problem. He clearly knows what he’s doing and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. Reasonable price too.

AE 11 19

1st Class Service. Tony knows what he is doing, is reliable, and a genuine chap. Shame I wasted my time on so many ‘home emergency’ companies linked to my house insurance who had no idea what they were doing and wasted a lot of my time. Problem found quickly and nothing was too much trouble. Now rat free for first time in 9 months.

SH 08 19

Excellent service from Tony who was able to attend the morning following my call to deal with a wasp nest in the attic. Clearly knows what's what - top quality!

JW 08 19

Excellent service at a fair price. The wasps' nest in the roof was sorted out on the same morning as my phone call. Would definitely use again.

MH 06 19

Very professional in dealing with the guest rat that had managed to get into the loft. A thorough check externally was done to identify potential entry routes, together with marking the drains with some tracing powder to eliminate that as the entry point. Four traps and and 1 day later the blighter was caught! A follow up visit was made to check all was well and that nothing had disturbed the tracing powder. Would recommend without question.

PH 05 19

1st class service. Knowledgeable, thorough and very professional in helping solve our Rat challenge - highly recommended.

SR 03 19

After recurring rat problems, Tony from All Aspects Pest Control finally solved my problem. Rather than just killing off the rats for a few months Tony actually did diagnostics on mine and my neighbours property and worked hard to find the actual entrance point. He was very thorough and was determined to solve my problem once and for all. He did an excellent job and I highly recommend him! If you have a rat problem, Tony should be your first call.

SW 12 18

I was impressed from the first call-out, answered within an hour, of the highly efficient and focussed action taken by Tony Smith, the prompt and punctual follow-up visits, involving extremely thorough investigation outside and within the property including inspection of my and those of the neighbouring drains, laying of traps and removing all remains and successfully leading to the discovery of the point of access of the rats, effective blocking of the relevant area, thus resolving the issue within days, which had remained the highly distressing and debilitating situation for months, to the detriment of health and well-being. 

Altogether a service  performed with high professional expertise, efficiency and consideration, to the great benefit of the client at a fair and reasonable cost.

SB 11 18

Excellent service, caught and disposed of pest efficiently. Would recommend.                                            

SH 09 18

Friendly, quick, reasonable price, professional.                                                                                          

AB 08 18

Tony was Professional in every way. From explaining what he was going to do to get rid of the hornets ? nest, how long to leave it, how to clear up and even advice on how the extractor hosing could be mended!...this with an invoice which includes the products used and COSHH labelling. Great service and would recommend without hesitation.

NT 08 18

Excellent would highly recommend. Thank you for coming so quickly.                                                    

LN 08 18

Got Tony's name from The Directory and telephoned him late morning about removing a wasps nest from our loft. He was able to come that afternoon which was very impressive, and by late afternoon we had no more wasp problem! Very personable and professional service. Would highly recommend Tony.

RG 07 18

We called Tony of All Aspects Control because we had a wasps nest in our roof. From the initial call to him, then, to having the problem sorted, the amount of time was only 2 1/2 hours. Excellent service at a reasonable price. We would definitely recommend.

JS 07 18

Rang at 8.15am. They arrived at 8.30 and wasps nest was removed by 9.00. Great service and a very reasonable price.

RB 07 18

Rang at 8.15am. They arrived at 8.30 and wasps nest was removed by 9.00. Great service and a very reasonable price.

RB 07 18

Today, Tony Smith from All Aspects Pest Control (339 in the Reading green book) answered my request promptly to deal with a wasp nest in my garden. The price was very reasonable and Tony was a nice person to have at my home.

JF 06 18

Tony has done a fantastic job curing us of our mouse problem recently. We live in a very ancient house, which has many potential entry points for pests to get in. Tony very tenaciously and systematically checked and blocked all entry points and made numerous visits (all included in the original cost) to ensure we had absolutely eradicated the problem. I have also used Tony to get rid of a wasp nest (fixed on the first visit) and help us with moles. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely use him again in the future if I need any pests dealing with. As well as being extremely good at removing pests, he is very courteous and respectful of ones property (always wearing shoe covers etc when he comes into the house). Absolutely worth every penny!

SH 04 18

Really efficient, trustworthy and professional pest controller. Totally reliable and very reasonable fees. Tony dealt with our pest problem, making 4 visits in total - the pests have not visited since :)

SP 02 18

If you have a pest problem then Tony and All Aspects Pest Control is your man. Thorough assessment of not only the troubled area but any and all potential access routes. Regular visits to check that the solution was the right one - indeed it was and not had trouble with mice since. I had tried to resolve it on my own to no avail - so nice to have a professional. Who incidentally is a great guy as well. Even though I hope never to need his services again, he is always welcome for a cuppa if he is in the area.

AD 01 18

Very efficient. We had a lot of mole hills in our garden and when I rang Tony he was very pleasant and thorough and explained the process and the cost up front. Cost was very reasonable and the mole was effectively caught. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again is the need arose.

SM 01 18

We have been absolutely delighted with the service provided by Tony. His expertise is without doubt and his customer service is second to none. I hope that we don't have to use his services again but if there is a need he will be our go to expert. Highly recommended.

AR 01 18

This is an outstanding service provider. I am not one to fill in this sort of material - which says a lot in itself. Tony is personable, discreet and professional. Most importantly he is diligent and thorough. We are VERY impressed by what he has achieved and the way in which he went about solving the challenges!

JB 01 18

Tony gives no nonsense advice and then action (and proactive checking), always with a smile. Systematically found out where the rats were entering, trapped the ones in the property and then blocked off the entry point. Really simple - don't faff around, pick up the phone if you have a problem.


JD 01 18

We received very good service from Tony and would certainly recommend him to anyone with a rat problem. Tony was determined to find the cause of our rat infestation and found our broken drain, a problem that Home Serve (Blocked Drains) were unable to locate! Many thanks Tony.

KF 12 17

Great service, very reliable. Found source and eliminated mice in loft- total value for money, very happy customer and would highly recommend.

LH 12 17

Tony was very efficient and determined to rid us of our additional pet (rat). He returned numerous times until the problem had been solved and then took measures to stop it happening again. On time, friendly and would use this company again should the need arise and would recommend.

JG 11 17

Very happy to recommend Tony. We had a problem with a rat. He came back for several visits  (for the one up front price so no advantage to him) including visiting our neighbours and working on their property to find source of problem. Ex firefighter so trusted him.

RH 10 17

I had a mole digging up the lawn. One phone call to Tony and traps were laid the next day and the mole removed the day after. Best of all I only had to leave the garden gate open and Tony did it all without me having to wait in.

CJ 10 17

Very responsive and able to deal with the wasp nest quickly without any hassle. Nice and friendly with good knowledge which means I'd be happy to use again. 

CB 10 17

Excellent service at a reasonable cost. Tony solved our rat problem almost straight away but still came back a further three times to check. Highly recommended.

MC 10 17

Very efficient service with a company who actually knew what they were doing. Highly recommended!

TF 10 17

Fast response and knowledgeable. Excellent friendly service. Recommended.                              

MS 10 17

Unbelievably fast and very professional service provided for removing a hornets nest. Tony is pleasant, helpful and informative. Highly recommended. 

IB 09 17

A fast efficient response from Tony. Would have no hesitation in using him again if needed.                 

DL 09 17

Fantastic, friendly and super fast. I would certainly recommend Tony and thank you again for sorting out out massive rodent issue!

AV 08 17

I used this All Aspects Pest Control for the first time due to problem with a mole and I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism. Came round to investigate within an hour of me calling and then set traps. Followed up the following day to check results - success. Provided useful advice on remedial work required. I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to anybody with a pest problem.

DL 08 17

Tony provided a fast, friendly and professional service in sorting out our rat problem. I was impressed with his 'detective' work and grateful for his advice. He made three visits all for a fixed price.

AG 08 17

Fast and efficient service with success after just one visit. Would not hesitate to call Tony again if we had a pest problem.

SG 08 17

After 9 months of rat problems, Tony from All Aspects Pest Control finally solved my problem. Rather than just do the standard 3 x baiting and killing off the rats for a few months (only for them to come back again) Tony actually did diagnostics on the property and worked hard to find the actual entrance point and the reason and location the rats were actually entering the house. He came early in the morning before I left for work, always answers his phone and shows up when he says he will. He is very thorough and was determined to solve my problem once and for all. He did an excellent job cementing off laterals, covering up vents, whatever it took, he was prepared to do. Highly recommend him!

LB 08 17

Fantastic service. We had a wasps nest in an awkward to reach 3rd floor roof space and Tony quickly identified the location and removed the nest. Very friendly and efficient service.

JH 08 17

All Aspects Pest Control gave an excellent service over 3 visits which dealt with our rat problem. Tony responded on the same day we enquired and was able to help.

LR 08 17

I used this All Aspects Pest Control for the first time and I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism as well as the dedication to see the job through. Tony took time to investigate the rodent movement and potential access point. He went beyond other local firms that I used previously. Not only did he remediate the infestation, he made good suggestions for improvements and further works to make sure the issue does not repeat. We have since taken on other the work such as drains survey and identified further issues. I am very happy to recommend his service.

DA 08 17

We unfortunately had a wasps nest in a tree that I was cutting down. I didn't realise until they flew out and attacked...painful! I was keen to take the tree down that day so I made a couple of calls to local pest control operators. Tony was quite local so he was able to respond within the hour. He assessed the job and proceeded to cut part of the tree down himself. Of course he had his protective suit on as the stingers were not happy! Tony was very professional throughout the visit, extremely knowledgable and I would highly recommend him and the services he offers

DA 07 17

I am very pleased to recommend All Aspects Pest Control as they successfully rid my garden of rats. Tony turned up promptly and was very knowledgeable in how to get rid of the vermin efficiently and quickly and was very reasonably priced for his 3 visits.

FM 07 17

We had a wasp nest in our loft.  I called Tony and he was able to see us on the same day after another job.  Tony arrived and immediately started to work and it was done and finished pretty quickly.  He was a great professional and the best thing was the time from ringing him to completion of work was all done very swiftly and efficiently.  Highly recommend Tony for his reliable top work.

LX 07 17

Very friendly service, came over to deal with wasp nest in rooftop. Wasps have gone, job done. Many thanks.

KB 07 17

We found a large wasps nest in a pergola above a path in our garden. Our search of The Directory led us to All Aspects Pest Control and Tony Smith. A great find ! .... Tony arrived promptly, explained what he was doing and quickly dealt with the problem. Great service at a reasonable price ... Thank You!

DA 06 17

Rang Tony Smith to arrange a visit in relation to Bees nest. Tony very kindly came about an hour after my call on his way to his next job and gave me lots of advise on how to deal with the nest. Although no work was required he did not make a charge. I was most impressed with his knowledge and response.

JH 05 17

Called AAPC, Tony came within the hour. Happy to find out I have bees not wasps in my loft. Decided to leave them as Tony explained they will be relatively few in number and not aggressive or damaging and my garden will benefit. Happy also for quick response and no charge.

AS 05 17

We called Tony to deal with ants in the house. He arrived promptly and took time to try and establish the source of the problem. It turned out to be more complex that expected but he investigated further, returned for a follow-up call to check that his treatment had been effective and still charged a fair price. We would definitely recommend him.

MC 03 17

What a great service from All Aspects. Arrives on time, courteous, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure your pest problem is sorted. Performs a thorough inspection and forensic investigation which gives the best possible chance to resolve the problem. Managed to identify our problem which was related to a shared drain and required negotiation with a neighbour. Happy to recommend.

RV 03 17

Contacted Tony after hearing scratching noises in loft, he looked around the loft and laid traps but also surveyed the building works we have going on at the rear and discovered the entry points. After several visits, our Rat problem no longer exists. Excellent knowledge, reliable and courteous. Would not hesitate in recommending Tony.

RJ 03 17

Excellent service in removing problem field mice. Thanks for sorting it out efficiently and cost-effectively.

MO 03 17

I highly recommend this Company. Tony was genuinely interested in the problem. Excellent communication throughout the work. I had heard 'scratchings' and 'scuffling's in the loft space and called All Aspects. Tony was at the property within a couple of hours and examined the loft. There was no evidence of activity there. He then examined the roof/soffit boards etc, and reported that he suspected squirrels were attempting to enter the loft to make nests. He identified 2 holes and kindly sent pictures of his findings and a report to the Agent for the Landlord. They accepted his report and Tony then set traps for the squirrels. He made sure all activity had ceased before filling in the holes outside. He came daily to inspect the traps and remove the squirrels for the best part of a week. When all was clear, he returned to do the repair. I thoroughly recommend this company. 5 Stars. Thank you

MO 03 17

I highly recommend All Aspects Pest Control. I called Tony in the afternoon and he was over first thing the next day to deal with our rat issue. He used his undoubted experience to pinpoint the problem, suggest a solution and carry out the remedial work immediately. He was friendly, courteous and efficient. Excellent value that you wouldn't find with larger companies. A local tradesman who provides great service to the community.

PC 02 17

I would highly recommend Tony at All Aspect Pest Control. Very friendly and accommodating. He carried out the work professionally. He is reliable and great value. Call him for all your pest control requirements.

SD 02 17

Having seen something scurrying across our landing one night we contacted Tony the next day and he appeared like an angel. All the noises and scratchings we'd been hearing for a long time turned out to be a rat infestation. We live in a rental property which is semi-detached. Tony methodically worked out the source of the problem (next door as it happened) but likely to be a drain problem. He sorted out the matter and we are just at the end of the lingering odours of the eradicated rats. Tony was always very professional/knowledgeable and worked in a very friendly way and always has responded to any concerns and anxieties. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. 

JG 02 17

Having called Tony between Christmas and New Year about a scurrying in the attic, I expected to have to wait til after the New Year until he could visit, but he came next day. He immediately found the evidence of rats and took action. On realising the rats were coming in from next door, he dealt with the situation with great diplomacy. It was a great peace of mind to have him on the case. I would thoroughly recommend Tony - he gave us a lot of information and tips as well as quickly eradicating the pest problem. Extremely affable and would not hesitate to contact him again should any other issues arise.

SMC 01 17

I cannot recommend Tony highly enough. He came promptly, the same day as my call and dealt with two starlings trapped in my loft. He was efficient, helpful and courteous and I won't hesitate to call him again in the future or recommend him to others.

GL 01 17

We used this company for the second time recently. He was equally as efficient, friendly and helpful. Would thoroughly recommend. 

KM 01 17

Rapid response. Friendly. Provided helpful advice. Considerate (e.g. covered shoes without being asked). Dealt with the problem and followed up. I have no hesitation in recommending.

SS 01 17

Tony came out promptly and thoroughly investigated my mouse problem, establishing the entry point. He made 3 visits, for one all inclusive price, to ensure that the problem had been eradicated. A really helpful professional person. Would thoroughly recommend him.

CS 01 17

I have had some minor problems with mice, which I started to control myself. I was not sure if I was going in the right direction so I called Tony to see if he could solve things quicker. He carried out an in depth survey and felt that the controls I had put in place may solve the issue. He would not take any money for providing his expertise. If it does not I will certainly be contacting Tony for him to apply his professional products.

GC 01 17

Having suffered over 2 years of rat infestation in our roof space and having tried several pest control companies we finally called on Tony Smith. He found the point of entry and effected a solution, all done with charm and professional efficiency. My wife and I highly recommend him.

NG 12 16

Tony has really helped us with a number of moles in our garden. He has provided a friendly and effective service throughout and offered advice on preventative measures too. Would definitely recommend.

RH 12 16

Tony responds promptly when you need him and carries out a thorough investigation before fixing the problem. A really effective solution for pest control.

DT 12 16

I was so impressed by Tony and can highly recommend him. He responded to my call out very swiftly. On arrival he was friendly and reassuring and quickly began investigating the source of my rat problem. He then laid traps and put down poison, taking great care to inform me of his procedures and making sure my dog was in no danger from the poison by placing it safely out of her reach. He checked in regularly to see that the treatment was being effective. Once the rats were eliminated he carefully blocked up their entry routes with a clever set of homemade devices which could be removed if necessary as the rats were coming up through some pipes. He was 100 per cent thorough and worth every penny. A delight to do business with. 

AB 11 16

Pleasant friendly and knowledgeable and did a good job getting rid of the wasps nest in our roof. Happy to recommend.

JH 11 16

Tony used his experience and expertise to resolve my rat problem quickly. I could not have asked for better service. He came round on the same day as my phone call and then followed up with baiting the rats successfully and finding out how they were entering my kitchen. This was by no means obvious as they were entering through a dry drain which even the plumber thought was unlikely. He has now blocked the dry drain entrance with concrete to avoid this happening again. He made a bespoke cage to hold the concrete and this cage can be removed if it is ever necessary. Tony also gave me emotional support by keeping me informed of what he was doing throughout this unpleasant experience when I had almost no lighting (due to the rats biting through the cables) and could hear the rats in the ceiling. I never had to chase him once and will recommend him to all my friends.

CM 10 16

Tony arrived at our house within an hour of me calling him to deal with a wasp nest in a wall cavity. He was friendly and very efficient. I would certainly recommend his services. Many thanks Tony!

SB 10 16

Absolutely top class service. Was surprised in the shower one morning by a large number of wasps accessing through a light fitting from the roof space! Phoned Tony and he agreed to come at 7.30 the next morning. Incredibly knowledgeable and told me more about the life cycle of the wasp than I've ever heard before, all while he was doing away with several thousand of the little blighters!

PT 09 16

All Aspects Pest control responded promptly to my request for a visit whilst other companies I contacted couldn't visit for about a week. The initial quote seemed quite high but as the job was straight forward I was charged about a third of the original quote, which was a reasonable charge for the two visits and work involved. I was very happy with the service provided .

GC 09 16

Used them for the first time today and had excellent response - visited promptly and were very efficient and friendly. Would fully recommend them.

PC 09 16

A very speedy service, a friendly and knowledgeable person at a reasonable cost.

AC 09 16

I called Tony to deal with a rodent problem and he laid bait and gave advice on where they were likely to be coming in. 2 weeks later Tony gave me advice on where to block the gaps, having satisfied both he and myself that this was not an internal issue/cupboard etc. He comes with plenty of patience to hunt out the entry points, great practical advice (much appreciated) and a good sense of humour. Was willing to talk to my tenants if the need arose, to ensure them that this was not a widespread issue; rather an unfortunate visitation by a chancer rodent or two. Happy to recommend.

CF 09 16

Having found a Wasp's nest in our roof, we called All Aspects. Tony was out within an hour (on his way to a 'mole job') . He quickly located the nest in a corner of our loft and dealt with it appropriately. Job done! Very courteous and efficient, we would recommend unreservedly.

BB 08 16

Wasps from a nest in our flat roof had eaten a hole through our kitchen ceiling and were coming into the house. I called Tony at All Aspects Pest Control, who arrived within 10 minutes and swiftly dealt with the problem. Tony was courteous, efficient and competitively priced. He also followed up to ensure that the job was thoroughly done. Highly recommended.

LJ 07 15

Called Tony to deal with a wasp problem in our bay window roof. The problem was dealt with very quickly and in a very professional way. He is a very friendly and interesting person to talk with. Can highly recommend him, and will definitely use again if the need arises. First class service from a first class company.

DB 07 15

I contacted All Aspects Pest Control to help with a mouse problem in our small terraced house. The service from Tony was absolutely fantastic. He is highly knowledgeable and professional. I was so impressed with the fact that Tony willingly came out four times to visit the house - once for a initial inspection and bait laying and then three subsequent visits to lay more bait and to check on the progress he was making. He was also very happy to offer additional advice and support on the phone between visits. The fact that he did all this for a fixed fee was even better. I would happily recommend that anyone with a mouse problem calls Tony for his expertise.

AD 07 16

Called Tony Smith to deal with 2 very active wasp nests mid morning and the job was completed by noon same day. All wasp activity had ceased by 2 pm. Tony is both an experienced and very friendly chap to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with wasp infestation problems. Tony's fee was also very reasonable, amounting to less than half of some of the quotes received. 

BD 07 16

Called Tony Friday afternoon, he responded very quickly and arranged to come the next morning. We had a bees nest, rather than a wasps so he was unable to remove it himself but called a bee keeper for us and arranged a visit. Great friendly, honest service - would definitely recommend.

SJ 07 16

Outstanding service from beginning to end!! Tony attended our property within a few minutes of my initial telephone call. Rats were gaining entry into our property, Tony investigated potential entry points and baited where necessary. Extremely knowledgeable and understood immediately what was required to rid us of our uninvited visitors. Tony has gone that extra mile, calling us regularly to ensure that the problem is completely resolved.

GT 07 16

Excellent service! Tony came out to us within 15 minutes of calling him. Sorted our problem in a very friendly and courteous manner. Would definitely recommend.

PC 06 16

Tony came out dealt with the pests we had, came up with several ideas on how to deal with future problems, very reliable turned up on time I would recommend him.

GJ 06 16

Ex-fireman attended within an hour of calling regarding a wasps nest. Had all the equipment and powders needed to deal with the problem. Good price and got free advice on dealing with rats. Will definitely use again if pestered again.

BP 06 16

I contacted Tony Smith as there were insects (I thought they were wasps) going into a hole on the first floor of my property. He came to my house within 30 minutes of my phone call. He told me the insects were in fact bumble bees which would not cause any damage and would only be in residence until the first frost. He suggested that they should be left as bees are very beneficial. I agreed with his recommendation so he talked himself out of a job. He reasssured me that the bumble bees would cause no problem. There was no charge for his visit and his advice.

PS 06 16

Highly recommended. Tony made several visits, was always on time and kept in touch. He took a lot of time and thought to identify where the rat(s) was coming from and to come up with the best solution. Very courteous and friendly too as well as always willing to answer questions and concerns.

JE 06 16

I had a problem with mice that I had initially tried to deal with myself using small traps but was then at my wits end having discovered that they had starting eating through my sofa!! The initial visit was great, pricing was very reasonable considering the expertise that you buy with it, as were the explanations of the stages the process would go through (poison first, mouse proof later). I was concerned about the poisoning aspect due to having a dog as well as lots of other (non destructive) wildlife around my house. Tony was brilliant, ensuring that that the poison was only put in places non accessible to anything other than the mice. He quickly identified the route of entry (I had no clue) and within a couple of weeks of the poison going down he was able to complete the final stage of mice proofing! On top of this, the communication both between and about visits was excellent so I wasn't having to wait around and always knew when to expect him. I only wish I'd saved myself the effort of trying to deal with it myself and calling them straight away. Will use them again if I ever have to and would certainly heartily recommend them!! Thank you.

BP 06 16

Tony is excellent. He was very reliable and kept me informed of what he was doing and why. I would thoroughly recommend him.

DM 05 16

Tony provided an excellent, efficient, professional and friendly service, and was careful to address our specific needs and concerns, especially regarding unwanted risks to pets and wildlife. With appropriate techniques and several visits over a short period, Tony successfully solved the problem, plus another which we were yet to discover for ourselves. Tony is very knowledgeable and provided regular feedback on progress and helpful advice on how to avoid future problems. We would highly recommend All Aspects Pest Control to others, and would definitely contact Tony again if necessary.

LG 03 16

We have been absolutely delighted with the service from Tony at All Aspects. He has dealt with a couple of separate issues for us, and we have always been impressed by his high level of professionalism, cleanliness and discretion. Tony's approach is to deal with the source, not just the immediate issue - and he is committed to achieving that goal, which makes for very effective results. He is also highly price competitive. We would highly recommend to anyone with a pest problem.

AE 03 16

Outstanding service. Tony arrived to discuss my rat situation within 2 hours of phoning him. He is very knowledgeable about rat behaviour and was therefore able to position bait boxes in the optimum positions. He also surveyed my garden and the exterior of my house to ensure that rats couldn't gain entrance to my house or loft. He gave sensible and realistic advice as to changes I could make to try and ensure once we got rid of the rats they wouldn't be back. The treatment plan has taken four weeks but we are now completely rat free. Tony is scrupulous in ensuring that he reduces any risks to birds and other mammals as much as is feasibly possible. I would not hesitate to recommend.

LC 03 16

Tony did an excellent job. He was polite, punctual and clearly knew what he was doing, offering good advice, keeping me informed of progress and made sure that the rats had gone before closing the job. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a pest problem.

DM 02 16

Fantastic friendly, professional service. Well worth the money. Made me feel confident that he would get our rat problem in the attic sorted. Kept in touch regularly for updates and came over when he said he would. Thoroughly recommend. 

KM 02 16

Tony was great! We had a rat infestation in the loft and eaves albeit they were not coming into the house. They can be a real problem in the loft as rats urinate over everything and can spread fatal diseases. Not only that but rats chew through cables and make a lots of noise at night. Tony came, advised us where they were getting in which was from a drain at the side of the house and up through the cavity. They are crafty creatures! Poison was put into the eaves and loft and within 3 days, it had been taken. Tony came back on four further occasions to put more poison down and seal the rats entrance. I would recommend Tony at all aspects to anyone as he was not satisfied until the problem was resolved and always came with a friendly and chatty approach.

NM 01 16

When I began to hear noises coming from my loft during the night I knew that I needed help and immediately consulted the Directory of Excellence as I have always found great local companies this way before. Tony from All Aspects was great. He came out the same day that I called him and did a thorough external inspection of my house to identify the entry point to the building, which was via the house next door where building work was being done. He took the time to speak to the builders and asked them to block the access point as a matter of urgency. He also identified a gap under my roof tiles that needed to be filled to prevent other animals or birds gaining access to the loft space in the future. Tony put down bait inside and outside the house and checked in regularly by e-mail for updates from me. Thankfully, due to his prompt action, there have been no further night ‘visitors’ to my loft. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone who needs the services of a pest control company. He did a very professional job at a reasonable price and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again if I need help in the future. 

JG 12 15

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable, very friendly, arrived when they said they would, did an effective, clean and tidy job at a very reasonable price. Would definitely use them again 

IH 11 15

Tony was great,very helpful, knowledgeable. He was very professional and did a thorough job over a series of weeks. Tony is a friendly gentleman who knows his stuff and delivered a first class service, getting rid of wasp's nest and squirrels in the loft at an affordable price. I highly recommend Tony and would definitely use his services again. 

TD 10 15

This company responded to our wasp problem immediately, and were courteous and knowledgeable about the whole thing. Highly recommended. 

AS 10 15

Tony is a first class professional. Intelligent and thorough in his work. Tony communicates regularly to check on progress (we have rat problems) and goes way beyond just putting down a few bait traps. I thoroughly and highly recommend his work and approach to the work. Tony is respectful, thoughtful and reliable. 

ZF10 15

Tony is a friendly bloke who appears to know his stuff! He identified the wasps making a home for themselves in our eaves and dealt with them inside 15 minutes! Recommended.

GB 09 15

Tony at All Aspects Pest Control was great. Personable, helpful and very knowledgeable, he successfully dealt with our rogue rat problem - much to everyone's relief! Great service and an affordable price.

AR 09 15

Tony provided a very prompt and professional service for my mother, who had a problem with rats entering the house through a drain. He not only dealt with the problem in an efficient manner, but was also kind and reassuring. Highly recommended.

SD 08 15

We were really impressed with the service from All Aspects Pest Control. Tony was committed to his guarantee to get rid of our rat infestation and went above and beyond to help us. He proactively contacted neighbours who were the source of the problem, liaised with the local council on our behalf and gave us great advice to prevent a problem later on. He didn't want any payment until he was satisfied he had got rid of every rat, and he is great value! Thanks Tony, very happy to recommend you to anyone!

AE 08 15

We noticed a lot of wasp activity around the gutter area of the porch on our bungalow and contacted Tony at All Aspects Pest Control. He fit us in that day, treated the nest both in the loft and outside. He also explained what would happen over the next 48 hours and the swarming had disappeared by the next morning. Very good efficient service - I would recommend them.

MD 08 15

Absolutely fantastic service! I called Tony about a hornets nest in a dormer window on a Sunday morning. He was here within the hour and thoroughly assessed the problem, including checking the roof space. Despite very difficult access, Tony found a way of reaching the nest and treated it. His approach is utterly professional, informative and friendly. The price quoted was charged despite it being a more complex job. Highly recommended! 

JB 08 15

Tony gave helpful phone advice then dealt promptly with a nasty wasps' nest at a reasonable price. Excellent service!

JA 08 15

I recently had a mouse in my kitchen.  All Aspects came very quickly and solved the problem. Tony Smith is very efficient and friendly and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anybody.

PP 04 15

I contacted All Aspects to deal with a squirrel problem I had in my loft.  Tony was very informative and helpful. The price was very competitive and I am very satisfied with the work done.  I would highly recommend the company and Tony services.  

MC 03 15

We discovered a wasps nest in our car port and Tony came out to treat this really promptly,whilst here he checked around and discovered another nest.  He gave us lots of advice about pests and proofing and called us the following week to check all was to our satisfaction.  We were very happy with the service which was also good value for money.

JP 04 15
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