Wendy Hamilton

In addition to PILATES classes locally (and also online via Zoom), Wendy offers Pilates tuition on a one-to-one basis, specialising in low back pain management and movement/balance training for the independent older adult. Within the group classes, everyone is treated as an individual with exercises progressed or modified as needed. Wendy takes care to ensure the exercises are suited to the needs of the person and it is not unusual for people to be doing different exercises within a class. She is also an advanced EMMETT practitioner. The relaxing nature of Emmett Therapy results in improved comfort and ease within the area treated, such as back, knees, shoulders or neck. Emmett releases can be done within a class setting too, this can help improve range of movement and flexibility.

Locations: Wokingham, Winnersh, Emmbrook, Woosehill, Hurst, Twyford, Charvil, Hare Hatch, Waltham St Lawrence, Wargrave, Henley on Thames, Barkham, Arborfield, Eversley, Sindlesham, Finchampstead, Crowthorne, Bracknell, Ascot, Binfield, Winkfield, Warfield

Services include: Pilates, Fitness, Wellness, EMMETT TECHNIQUE, Low Back Pain Management, Knee Problems, Shoulder Problems, Neck Problems, Pre & Post Natal Programme

Mobile: 07951 922750

* 10% discount on Emmett therapy treatments *

Year entered The Directory 2004

Latest Reviews and Feedback

I was referred to Wendy for 1:1 Pilates by my Osteopath following a diagnosis of a misaligned sacroiliac joint on both sides which was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. I’d never done Pilates before so Wendy started me off with the basics and over the course of our 1:1s she has gradually progressed my exercises to get me to a point where my core and the surrounding muscles are strong enough to support the sacroiliac joint and correct the misalignment. Needless to say I am now more or less pain free but if I do experience pain I have my go-to exercises provided by Wendy to manage this.


During the 1:1 sessions Wendy always takes time to make sure every exercise is being done properly and explains which area is being worked. She also makes the sessions really enjoyable and the hour just flies by. After each 1:1 she always emails me the new exercises so that I now have a number of routines that I alternate between when practising at home.


To say Wendy is a miracle is understatement. She has taken what was pretty much a broken and weak body and helped me transform it into one that is strong and supple and does what it is supposed to do. Consequently I am now a complete Pilates convert who practices at home on a daily basis.

JM 01 21

I have been attending Pilates classes with Wendy for 7 years but am now, sadly, having to leave her owing to a house move.

I know that I will have difficulty finding a replacement Pilates instructor who is as good as Wendy.  I can honestly say that she is the best teacher that I have ever had. I began Pilates in my 40's and am now nearly 70 and so I have had many teachers!

Wendy always delivers interesting lessons with new exercises added into the schedule regularly. One feels safe to try out these new exercises, even though they may be challenging!, as Wendy monitors each pupil throughout the lesson and suggests improvements to technique, where appropriate. Her lessons are differentiated and provide challenge and development for all whilst giving reassuring support to newcomers and those less supple.

Wendy is always professional but adds in laughs and fun to help each hour's worth of exercise fly past.

I would thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone considering taking up Pilates or those looking for an expert instructor. 

PP 11 19

I have found Emmett incredibly useful. I suffer from MS and am awaiting hip replacement and have a degree of disintegration in the spine too. By the time I visit Wendy, I am often in constant pain and find walking and standing straight difficult. I am always, astounded by how effective the sessions are and by Wendy’s skill in finding the sources that are causing the most issues. The effect of the sessions continues to grow after I leave and sometimes, I feel the full benefit a few days later.  In a typical session, Wendy will address a variety of issues including balance. Most times, I hobble in and walk out. Wendy is highly skilled, and I recommend her to anybody who is suffering pain, stiffness or other issues with their body.

BN 06 19

A fabulously enjoyable day learning EmmTech with Wendy. She is warm, welcoming, invites questioning and very patient with those who are learning. A well organised, informative and fun day. I've learned some very valuable moves to help with stubborn muscle tension. Highly recommended!

MH 04 19

Really enjoyed my day course in Emmett training yesterday. Wendy was a really good teacher taking time to make sure we d all grasp things. I’d heard a lot about Emmett and it fascinated me, it was good to learn more.

HM 04 19

Had an amazing day with Wendy learning The EMM tech course this Sunday. A day of quick help moves for general aches and pains. Wendy was so clear with her techniques and her demonstrations were clear and precise. As we practised on each other we had fantastic results. Thank you Wendy for a lovely day all round and I look forward to completing another day of learning with you.

CR 04 19

Pilates did my back the world of good yesterday. Was in a lot of pain when I arrived. Day before I started Winter checks for my car and did tyre pressures in very confined space and it was very cold. Must have twisted to access an awkward valve. Lot of pain, could barely walk afterwards and yesterday morning, but after Pilates my back felt really good, straight, strong and pain free! Miracle!

EM 11 18

I also wanted to just say thanks as I love your classes - they’re challenging but you always can tell when something isn’t right and help make adjustments so I know I’m always safe with you as well! You’re the best pilates teacher I’ve had so thank you!

JL 11 18

At the end of 2017 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Symptoms were beginning to develop early in 2018 and I began to see Wendy on a regular basis for symptom relief in the hope that I could combine Emmett with an exercise regime to avoid medication for as long as possible.  Symptoms included muscle pain, right sided tremors and nausea.  Since then my muscle pain has reduced, nausea has almost completely gone, and the tremors have remained manageable.  I am extremely impressed with the depth and breadth of Wendy’s knowledge and am incredibly grateful for all of the help she has given me during this incredibly challenging time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone considering Emmett therapy.

CS 09 18

Thank you so much for the wonderful Emmett treatment. I was in a bit of a bad way, hurting from head to toe and feeling quite unsettled. Lots of things going on in my life over which I had no control. I‘m not exactly sure which Emmett magic you used on me in your calm, reassuring way, but I felt fantastic afterwards - moving had become free and easy, and I felt peaceful and calm - absolute bliss! Thanks again for working your Emmett magic! Feeling so good, and all without pills or potions, was amazing! 

EM 09 18

Thank you for the opportunity to join the Pilates Class, it was just marvellous to be able to stretch again. In fact I arrived home full of energy and ready for action and believe me it has been at least five weeks since I felt so good! So once again a big thank you for restoring me back to health!

AT 03 18

Wendy is an excellent instructor, I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone, both from a fitness perspective and her EMM-Tech Training, which is a revelation. Thank you.

SN 02 18

I have been attending Wendy’s Pilates classes for over a year now. Wendy is professional, knowledgeable and calm, but has a sense of fun which makes the class a pleasure to be in.
She is very attentive to individuals’ needs, often suggesting an alternative to an exercise for those with issues or those who wish to work harder, which is really helpful. I have certainly found the classes beneficial and have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to others.

TR 11 17

I would like to say that my four week Tai Chi course held at Brants Bridge, Bracknell, was thoroughly enjoyable.

The kindly volunteer staff were helpful in providing some mutually convenient dates and our experienced tutor Wendy ensured that fellow novices and myself were able to learn some really elegant moves very quickly.  Our concentration, poise and balance improved surprisingly quickly.  Moving at our own pace, the structure of the classes was quite low key and Wendy ensured there was a lot of fun as we attempted our new exotic sequences.  I would thoroughly recommend this MyCancerMyChoices Tai Chi course to anyone, no matter what their age, if they are looking to exercise their minds and their bodies in a cheerful setting.

WH 11 17

I never thought that Emmett therapy would work for me. I have suffered with lower back pain on and off for over 10 years due to a prolapsed disc, but lately the pain was constant, especially at night – nothing I did seemed to make any difference. I had one session with Wendy and that was it – pain gone! I waited each day just in case it came back – but nearly a week on  and still in the clear. I would definitely recommend it and will look to have further treatment in the future if I need it. Thank you Wendy – I was beginning to think I would just have to live with the pain  -but obviously not thanks to Emmett therapy.

JA 10 17

Wendy came highly recommended to me and since I've started to have one to one sessions with her it's made a huge difference to my life. When I first met her I was struggling to walk properly but now with her help and support I am so much more confident with dealing with my pain and am learning to strengthen my body actually reducing my pain. I can't thank her enough for all she has done to help me. 

SS 07 17

I attended Wendy Hamilton's Emm-Tech course on 21st May 2017. I have been having some Emmett Therapy from Wendy and thought it would be interesting to try and understand what was being done and what was having such a good effect on my various aches and pains. The course was totally fascinating, extremely well organised by Wendy and she is an exceptional tutor. We tried out the various techniques on each other (there were 6 of us) so we could get some "feel" for what we were doing, or having done to us. Wendy was endlessly patient as she adjusted our various techniques and at no time did I feel stupid or patronised. By the end of the course I felt that at the very least I would be confident to try out the various techniques on myself before I let myself loose on the family and friends. A course to be recommended and, as I say, an exceptional tutor who was ever ready to answer questions and to explain in laymen's terms what we were learning. 

VO 05 17

Had a really amazing day with Wendy on the EMM-Tech course. Can't wait to learn more about this therapy, so simple, non invasive and IT WORKS!

JS 02 17

The Emm-Tech training day led by Wendy Hamilton was highly interactive, practical and fun. Wendy is a confident, knowledgeable and professional trainer and made the techniques easy to pick up and use. If you're interested in some simple hands on techniques to relieve your aches and pains I would highly recommend this one day course.

LD 02 17

This is such a valuable course for everyone. Wendy is a great teacher making it extremely informative and fun. Emm Tech therapy is quite unbelievable, I was very sceptical before I attended but I am now converted! Thank you Wendy

OE 01 17

I’ve been going to one of Wendy’s Pilates classes for a couple of years. When I first started I had just recovered from ME/CFS and after 12 years of virtual inactivity my body was very weak. Wendy has been really supportive throughout, encouraging me to progress gradually with the exercises. I’m now able to do much more than I could when I started and am definitely much stronger. Recently I walked a spectacular cliff path in Cornwall, which I could not have done before. I’m sure it’s Pilates that enabled me to cope with the steep climbs. Wendy is unfailingly patient, encouraging and cheerful and is always ready to help with things we find difficult. Highly recommended.

HV 10 16

I recently had the pleasure of attending an EMM-Tech training course run by Wendy. Wendy is great trainer, very engaging and enthusiastic. Everyone who attended was encouraged to try the techniques taught by Wendy, with most of us seeing marked improvements in pre-existing conditions following the application of the EMMT technique. Thank you Wendy for giving me a new skill and a worthwhile training experience.

EM 10 16

I was recommended to join a Pilates class for lower back pain, which I have suffered on and off all my adult life. Since attending Wendy's Pilates classes, on a weekly basis, my core muscles (in my back /abdomen) have strengthened considerably and I have been pain free for the 6 months since joining. Wendy offers easier and harder alternatives to each class exercise, so you can work at your own pace. Highly recommended. 

GT 10 16

I've attended Pilates classes run by Wendy for nearly 10 years. In that time Wendy has seen me through a pregnancy, major back problems and helped me to keep my body generally healthy and flexible. She's an exceptionally professional and experienced instructor; very attentive to your individual fitness needs, even in a group environment, by adapting exercises or offering alternatives depending on mobility, experience or injury. I highly recommend Wendy's Pilates classes and look forward to attending them for another 10 years! 

VL 10 16

I recently attended an Emmett Therapy course taught by Wendy Hamilton. What a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day - as a yoga teacher I now have another "tool" in my box to enhance and improve the service I already provide to my clients. The techniques will come in very handy for myself, my friends and family too. Amazing how much I learnt in one day! Thank you Wendy for your enthusiasm, your relaxing and patient tone and voice, and your professionalism. In fact I look forward to attending more modules with you next year hopefully!

VK 10 16

Wendy runs a fabulous Emm-Tech course which is basically a one day course in the Emmett technique which, whilst not giving any practitioner status, leaves you with a set of skills and techniques you can use on yourself or friends and family. Wendy has a very friendly, approachable style and she also kept a large group of us (9) in order without being bossy and kept up a good pace throughout the day. Very interesting and enjoyable day - highly recommended. 

FG 09 16

Wendy Hamilton has been coming to us as a personal trainer for over 10 years. She has helped significantly in maintaining and improving our fitness , and will aim her work-out levels to meet our current abilities. She is always up-dating her knowledge, and we would thoroughly recommend her.

JR 09 16

An excellent day learning about Emm Tech with Wendy Hamilton. A great day of listening, observing and then doing. I feel confident enough to do on others and what results Emm Tech can produce. A lovely group of people to try the technique on and lots learnt. Thank you Wendy for my day of learning!

DA 09 16
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