BrightCall pride themselves on being the home computer specialists (not a business company that tinkers with home systems). Try calling and hearing your computer troubles explained in plain English (quite an achievement in this field!). Defending against scammers, sorting out misbehaving iPads and mobiles, internet connections that won't connect and data that seems lost forever, these are the sort of problems they solve every day. Their engineers have decades of experience making computer problems just melt away. Please see for more details.

Locations: Reading, Maidenhead, Henley, Caversham, Woodley, Earley, Twyford, Charvil, Ruscombe, Hurst, Winnersh, Hare Hatch, Crazies Hill, Remenham, Shiplake, Rotherfield Greys, Sonning, Sonning Common, Peppard Common, Tokers Green, Emmer Green, Waltham St Lawrence, White Waltham, Littlewick Green, Burchett’s Green, Knowl Hill, Warren Row & Wargrave

Services include: Computer Crime, Scams, Computer Security, Computer Help, Support, IT, Setup, Broadband Problems, Networks, Email, Data Recovery, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks

* Free first half-hour visit worth £40 when you mention The Little Green Book  *

Year entered The Directory 2010

Latest Reviews and Feedback

Neil Hutton is a very good computer engineer.. We got scammed and I called Neil who was able to come strait away, he saw she problem and and fixed it within 3 days. There was lots of work to do and he and his staff were excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil to anyone.

MB 05 24

Neil is very knowledgeable and helpful. I have spoken with him a few times over the last couple of years and he's been able to fix my problems and also make the whole way I use technology much easier and safer. He is my 'go to' computer and mobile phone fixer. I would highly recommend speaking with him.

VR 04 24

BrightCall have been looking after my computers for many years. I have recently, and somewhat reluctantly, changed from Microsoft to a MacBook. Thanks to the endlessly patient, efficient, knowledgeable and skilled senior guy, Neil Hutton, I think I have entered a new world. He has transferred years of stuff to my new machine, synched it to my phone and iPad while coping with my repeated queries. I highly recommend this business.

SE 02 24

A very thorough overhaul of my tangled IT affairs coupled with helpful advice.

IW 02 24

Brightcall have helped with my IT issues twice now and I have found their service excellent. Friendly, reliable and good value for money and would recommend them if you need any assistance.

SS 02 24

Neil has been super helpful to us - in sorting out our webmail on multiple devices; choosing a new computer and recently advising on migrating our website. He really knows his stuff - and his explanations and advice are very clear, even to non specialists like me. Brightcall have also produced some extremely useful (and very up to date) guides on lots of topics incl. passwords, choosing a new computer etc. Highly recommended.

SD 02 24

Whether you've been cloned, hacked or just need help making your accounts super secure, Brightcall is who you need. Neil is very knowledgeable, helpful and sorts problems out really quickly.

DP 10 23

Having been hacked I called BRIGHTCALL immediately, knowing that the help, advice and support i would receive would be of the highest order - and it was. Working remotely Neil was able to steer me through all of the security changes I needed to make to phone, laptop and iPads to recover the problem and then to keep us safe and protected going forward. He also kindly provided a number of informative briefing papers to further explain how to keep passwords safe and secure. Thanks Neil, much appreciated

AM 08 23

When you need the best advice about any computer problem - speak to Brightcall. Whether it’s what system to buy, or you have been hacked and left with a virus, they are the only people you need to contact. They are very knowledgable and professional and come highly recommended.

FP 08 23

Neil Hutton is knowledgable, endlessly patient and gets things sorted out. We would definitely seek BrightCall's help again when it's needed.

HR 07 23

Having used BrightCall for several years they were the only contact we needed when the security on our devices was concerning us. We breathed a sigh of relief and knew we could relax knowing it was in their expert hands! It wasn’t simple but they worked patiently and thoroughly to get us through it all (as we knew they would) and Neil was always available to reassure us.

SW 07 23

Got hacked? Get Brightcall. Chief engineer Neil Hutton knows what to do and acts fast. Highly recommended.

PW 05 23

A few days ago I was the potential victim of a scammer. I had last used Bright Call (on the recommendation of the Little Green Book) three years ago and had not needed them since. Once again I found Neil extraordinary: thorough, clear, everlastingly patient with a slow-fingered technophobe. He worked for hours to get my computer sorted out and more secure and will next help me to set up new broadband provider as the previous one is closing. He has also sent me very helpful documents explaining e,g. how to get a good printer or to give executors access to the computer. I can't think how his service could be improved ... and can't bear to think of the mess I might have got into without him.

IH 05 23

I contacted BrightCall about a problem of printing from my iMac. Neil took charge remotely and within a few minutes he had resolved the problem successfully. He also found that because my machine was quite old and that I was not rigorous in my security, I was open to hacking. Over a few remote sessions Neil synchronised all my families’ Apple devices, set-up my “backing” to the iCloud and thoroughly improved my password security. He provided a number of “BrightCall Explains” files which gave clear detailed insights into passwords, backups and manufacturer’s support. I am going to replace my iMac and iPad with current models and will be using Neil’s excellent services to setup and synchronise the new devices. I thoroughly recommend BrightCall.

DY 05 23

I was introduced to BrightCall by my neighbour after my windows computer was hacked by a criminal in November 2022. Neil went into action and spent a lot of time fighting with the hacker and eventually got rid of the criminal. I was advised to change from windows to an apple i pad but I am a pensioner and I have been using windows for years and it is difficult learning new skills. The support from BrightCall was brilliant and I would throughly recommend them.

DA 03 23

We have contacted Neil of BrightCall for help several times over the past couple of years. He has responded promptly and never failed to help us out. He is very knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. It is a comfort to know there is someone reliable we can call on for assistance.

JT 03 23

Efficiency and ability are what we need in Government.   Here I had it with BrightCall solving computer problems---splendid.


RP 02 23

When our laptop died, Neil at BrightCall came to the rescue! He managed to retrieve our business documents and our beloved photos. He gave us excellent advice and talked us step by step through setting up and securing our devices. Neil was so patient and professional, with his expertise we have managed to set up some much simpler and more secure ways of working. We cannot recommend BrightCall highly enough!

GS 03 23

I first contacted BrightCall after reading their entry in The Little Green Book with their excellent reviews. They were not wrong as I have used BrightCall on several occasions since. I have found Neil to be most professional and knowledgeable on all computer problems I have asked him to solve. Eg. Windows, broadband/Internet, iPhone/iPad etc. A most trustworthy company I thoroughly recommend.

KP 02 23

Neil is brilliant and helpful in sorting my numerous computer problems of all kinds. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

AW 01 23

Neil is always helpful and professional. He not only fixes things but explains them as well, increasing my knowledge and ability.

AW 01 23

BrightCall are clever, and attentive to their individual clients; and will send email advice on more general security matters when they feel it's necessary.

PW 01 23

BrightCall provide an excellent and professional service to the non business user. We had experienced Neil's expertise when an elderly neighbour ran into issues with her ipad and had unfortunately been hacked, and he was able to resolve and fix the issues. We had problems with our iMac so immediately turned to Neil who was able to fix the problems and improve the operation and links between the ipad and the iMac and also provide excellent advice on security. I would highly recommend his services.

JA 01 23

Very recently I was sadly the victim of computer / banking fraud. Goodness what a state I found myself in. However, thankfully a Guardian Angel (sorry Neil) came to my rescue and rescue I really did need as my bank accounts as well as my computer had been severely comprised. Money stolen - thankfully returned - and no end of other things making life feel as though I had gone to Hell and was probably going to stay there. No longer. All has been solved and I really cannot thank Neil enough for all that he has done to help secure me for the future. I am immensely grateful and thankful too to have found someone who I felt to be completely trustworthy and so confidently able to fix the mess I found myself in.

CP 11 22

The first I new of my problem was when friends started to ring me about the e- mail which I was supposed to have sent. One of my friends new about Neil do BrightCall and I contacted him about 8.30 a.m. .He was on his way to London at the local station. He immediately started to flush out the culprit and stop him from causing me any more problems. After this Neil came to my home and went through what I should do to keep myself safe. Well done Neil.

MB 11 22

I had the misfortune to be hacked, happily with no financial consequences. I called Neil and he took me gently through all the processes needed to provide security for my three Apple devices. His explanations of the risks and how to counter them were clear and straightforward. I would be happy to recommend his service to anyone finding themselves in the mire from being unaware of or simply careless about internet security.

PL 11 22

My phone was hacked. An extremely stressful situation. I was recommended Neil by a friend and he has been fantastic. I am not very good with technology and he was extremely patient in taking me through a very complicated process. I simply do not know what I would have done without his assistance.

MP 10 22

Neil is amazing and has the patience of a saint! I was struggling to sync my iTunes account on a new laptop. He took charge remotely and not only sorted the issue, but also found lots of other things I should have been doing regularly too. His advice is so easy to understand. He breaks through all the techi jargon and explains things in a calm, unrushed manner. He even sent some emails with advice for me to keep on file. I shall definitely be contacting him regularly now to keep me up to date and, most importantly, secure online. Thanks Neil!

AR 09 22

Brilliant service from Neil. He was patient with me, working through the problems I had and explained what he was doing so even I could understand. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. BrightCall were exactly what I needed.

CM 09 22

Following years of poor support from various advisers finding BrightCall was a great relief. Neil with infinite patience has organised my online security and I am continuing with his expert help and tuition to further organise my system.

GN 08 22

Having been recommended by a friend, Neil helped us upgrade our ageing and slow PC to a new iMac and synchronised this with our iPhones and iPads, organising all our passwords to make them secure and easy to use. All done remotely, efficiently, with patience to help us with our questions and looking to get the best our of our integrated devices.

JP 08 22

Neil from BrightCall is very efficient and has handled problems on my computer over several years He comes or calls to fix the problem promptly he has made good recommendations on upgrading my equipment and transfers all my data to new equipment if required. 

TP 07 22

I had been hacked and my old PC was displaying alarming warning signs. All beyond my limited expertise, so after consulting the Little Green Book, BrightCall impressed me the most. I was not wrong. An immediate response from Neil was impressive and massively reassuring. His patience and down to earth manner was appreciated. I have read many references for BrightCall and I agree wholeheartedly with them. I am happy to know that if I have any future issues, I can call Neil. So reassuring.

PW 07 22

The engineer was calm, patient and clear. Not only are my problems solved, I now understand how they happened and how they were fixed. No techie talking too fast in a language I don't understand, just clear comprehensive advice as I followed every move he made on screen.

AW 05 22

What excellent work that BrightCall have done on my computer. Sorted out all my problems very quickly and set it all up. I would highly recommend them.

AR 05 22

One of the good guys of home computing. Neil has a very understanding approach to the business of helping computer dummies like me out of what is mostly self-inflicted electronic injury. He has a very patient and down-to-earth manner and sorted me out from what was a disaster area with no access to my email and a failing mobile phone. I can also recommend BrightCall's easy to understand "BrightCall Explains" electronic leaflets. Even I got it!

GH 04 22

Excellent prompt service even fortecknophobes.                                                                                        

AD 04 22

Assistance in computer use and security provided in a courteous and helpful manner.                         

KJ 04 22

An excellent service from Neil who made my iPad secure.                                                                 

MJ 03 22

An accumulation of major computer problems over many years led me to Computers in The Little Green Book. First entry was BrightCall with many positive reviews. Seemed a no brainer and I was not wrong. I found Neil at BrightCall very knowledgeable and I found his plain non-technical talk most helpful. In a relatively short time I was brought back into the 21st century linking my pc, iPad and iPhone all synced together so wherever I happen to be I am in touch. I have no hesitation in recommending BrightCall to solve your computer issues and I give them 5 stars.

KP 03 22

I made the mistake of buying a new pc and trying to set it up by myself. Neil - patiently and tactfully - properly configured the new system, cleansed and transferred data from the old pc and ipad and gave me very helpful lessons regarding password security (well worth listening to), as well as synchronising pc, ipad and iphone. I couldn't have achieved the level of satisfaction I now have with my devices without Neil. I am very grateful for all his help and recommend his services wholeheartedly.

GW 03 22

BrightCall came recommended by a friend and certainly didn't disappoint in sorting out all my laptop/tablet/smartphone issues and explaining in plain English along the way. They have also provided an informed and unbiased guide based on experience and will assist in how and what to choose in terms of upgrades. They have surpassed any shop bought assistance by miles. If I'd had their kind of guidance and expertise in the past I would have definitely made better choices. Even when they are very busy they will always come back to you so that you are very well looked after.

AL 03 22

I had allowed my macOS to get out of date so I contacted Neil for advice and assistance. He used remote access to upgrade to Monterey and then checked my system (including my iPhone) and corrected a number of other problems including updating MS Office. He also spotted that the Wi-fi connection with my iMac (some distance from my router) was erratic and slow. He recommended that I install a mesh network to improve performance, which I will do. Neil's approach was professional, thorough and successful. I recommend him highly.

DL 02 22

Recently my email was compromised giving rise to dire thoughts as to what might happen to my digital footprint. Luckily I found Neil’s phone number, contacted him and was reassured that all could be sorted. After a number of phone calls- his patience with someone who is not very tech savvy is admirable - my phone and iPad have been totally reorganised and I am now much more confident when using them. I would wholeheartedly recommend Neil and would not hesitate to use him in the future.

AG 02 22

I had a problem with a desktop not booting up. I contacted Neil Hutton from BrightCall as I had used them before a few years ago. This problem turned out to be a faulty hard disk. Neil explained the problem clearly and suggested how to upgrade and improve the performance of the desktop AND my laptop! He then recovered the data, upgraded my desktop AND laptop, and set up cloud backup for my system. He has also gave a lot of advice and provided several guides to improve computer security and performance. I have now got a much faster system, cloud backup, improved security and a much better understanding of how to get the best out of computers. Thanks, Neil!

PG 01 22

My 4th generation iMac had trundled along successfully until I stupidly replied to a scam e-mail, opening a huge can of worms affecting all my contacts from many years. My cousin recommended that I seek help from Neil Hutton at BrightCall. It was a rewarding experience as he guided me to so many previously unexplored corners of the computer, updating and correcting very patiently all the time. I am much more confident in using this modern technology now and would have no hesitation in asking him for assistance if I experienced any future problems.

VD 11 21

Recently I was a victim of a well organised computer scam by a person who purported to be BT Openreach. He convinced me he could remotely update my broadband system and mistakenly I allowed this to happen. It was some way into the process before I realised it was a dreadful scam. This left me extremely frightened because I knew the scammers had gained total access to my computer for several minutes. I was terrified of the potential consequences. Very fortunately a friend recommended Neil Hutton of BrightCall. Neil responded immediately to my phone call for help. I cannot praise him highly enough. Firstly he never once made me feel foolish for my actions. He is patient, kind and efficient; but most importantly he is technically very competent with many years of experience. He knew exactly the processes required to totally clean up my computer with the added bonus of updating my system to be much safer, thereby guarding against other scams. Thank you Neil. I have no hesitation in recommending BrightCall.

CE 11 21

Great service as usual from BrightCall Very comforting to know they can be relied on to come up with the solution to your problems.

RS 11 21

I am fairly clueless about Smartphones, and my old one was on its last legs - so I purchased a new one and was none the wiser about setting it up and transferring stuff from my old one. BrightCall did it all, very promptly, courteously, and very efficiently. Left to my own devices, I would have been faffing about forever - I cannot be more pleased with the service that they provided.

SB 11 21

As a problem solving organisation I cannot praise them highly enough. Due to their popularity, there is sometimes a wait for an appointment but whether in person or by remote fix the solution is always found. Nice people to deal with. The business is BrightCall, a computer related company which installs IT and problem solves related problems.

IW 10 21

As always, a very prompt response and deals with all issues quickly and effectively. And explains all the "techy" stuff in words I can understand!

LB 10 21

Neil at BrightCall gave us a very quick and efficient service when we needed to be set up with a brand new Chromebook laptop.

MH 10 21

My computer died and my wife's email account was locked! Very promptly, Neil of BrightCall methodically sorted both problems but went way beyond (at our request) and guided us to reorganise our whole IT set-up. He was also able to retrieve photos etc from an external hard drive that we were unable to access. His advice on the best equipment for our future needs is invaluable and has saved us much unnecessary expenditure. With Neil's help, we are able to view our future use of technology with pleasure rather than stress. Highly recommend.

KS 09 21

I cannot recommend Neil Hutton at BrightCall enough. He has helped my husband deal with a hacking attack on his email, completely restored all my data to my iMac when a software update left it frozen, advised and assisted me and my husband in strengthening our passwords and has generally assisted us with our computer issues over the year. He is patient, highly knowledgable and skilled and most importantly, he is completely trustworthy. In addition, he truly wants to educate his customers on how to get the best out of their computers in the safest possible way. Thank you, Neil!

RC 09 21

Neil Hutton of BrightCall has been helping and advising me on safe internet/computer practices for some time now. I have had some serious issues with fraudsters trying to gain access to my account, each and every time I get straight back to BrightCall to help me. You need someone who you know will be able to sort out the problems and Neil is just that person. Thank you BrightCall for your patience.

MW 08 21

We initially contacted Neil at BrightCall to carry out a health check on our home PC's. Neil certainly opened our eyes to how vulnerable we had been leaving ourselves from on line attacks etc and explained it all in a way we could understand. After a few visits, he has managed to tidy up our system, leave it less vulnerable to attack and taught us some very good lessons for the way forward. Would highly recommend Neil and BrightCall for a very professional and efficient service.

PL 08 21

Neil has been a fantastic help and rescued a hard drive full of photos, documents and music we feared had been lost. He has carefully guided us through establishing a robust cloud to store this data and provide clear access for all the family. He has also given clear and extremely useful guidance to keep us safe in this tech world. Thank you!

AB 08 21

Simply can't fault BrightCall's fast, efficient technical support service. Always quick to respond and very helpful. Neil often goes the extra mile making helpful suggestions about ways to improve my IT set up as a Virtual Assistant. It's very reassuring to know he is at the end of a phone when I have an IT "glitch" and I haven't hesitated in recommending BC to my own clients.

FC 08 21

No-one in my family is tech savvy so we live in constant fear when something goes wrong with one of our devices. I recently experienced one of those dreaded moments when my MacBook Pro warned me that I had almost reached full capacity on my storage....possibly the 50,000+ photos and videos I've captured of my children had something to do with that. I knew then, that I couldn't procrastinate any longer and had to face my fears and the fact that there was no way of avoiding being asked that loaded question, "Do you have a current back-up?". I actually sought the advice of another IT recommendation before calling BrightCall, which almost had us purchasing a new computer and throwing at least a grand towards a solution. Thank goodness though that I decided to seek a second opinion with BrightCall because not only did we not need to purchase a new computer, but for a quarter of the investment, Neil has helped us resolve all my pressing concerns regarding storage space, backups, security settings plus so much more. By consolidating all our photos, Neil has also helped us let go of old devices I was too scared to dispose of. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Neil to anyone experiencing IT issues. His knowledge is vast and current and it's obvious that Neil is passionate about delivering an excellent service overall to each client. There's no doubt that we've found our No.1, IT expert for life!

JC 08 21

Computer and security problems can be very stressful - relax, send for BrightCall! We have done for years and Neil has solved everything with patience and thoroughness. If anything goes wrong we never hesitate, we ring Neil immediately and know the problem will be solved. Being able to tap into his knowledge (vast) rather than our own (minimal) is so reassuring. Our latest problem resulted in a full rethink and a new system - all put in place speedily and efficiently. We recommend BrightCall without reservation - brilliant!

JW 08 21

When I need help I always look first in the Little Green Book and I found yet again a company that provided me with the exact help I needed. BrightCall responded immediately and took infinite trouble in correcting numerous faults on my computer;explaining everything to me in great detail and in plain simple language that my non technical brain could understand. Courteous, friendly patient and obviously very knowledgeable yet happy sorting out and teaching me how to better use my now working laptop. Excellent service - I recommend them highly.

BR 06 21

Neil at BrighCall has given me the best possible IT service. He completely updated my system remotely and gave me lots of good advice. I am now working in the 21st century. I cannot recommend BrightCall enough. Thank you Neil!

TFR 06 21

I found Neil to be incredibly patient and helpful when I contacted him. He sorted out my problem and gave me lots of helpful advise along the way. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thank you Neil.

AS 06 21

BrightCall. Excellent and really helpful. I am revising all passwords and working hard on moving everything across to Ipad Pro. It also integrates all my devices. A move I have been trying to unsuccessfully on my own. Neil is first class.

CK 06 21

From my first contact the service I have received has been first class, and I can recommend BrightCall without any reservations.

AC 05 21

I have used Neil Hutton and BrightCall in a personal capacity for many years now. I find them to be highly responsive to a call for help covering our iPhones iPads Imacs and printers. No time is wasted on the call and after the matter in hand is Dealt with there is usually a whistlestop tour of the device to ensure there are no other problems. Highly recommended.

IP 05 21

Quick, professional and effective service to help address IT issues. Would recommend.                         

RM 05 21

I first came across Neil and BrightCall in The Little Green Book when my wife had security issues on her Samsung tablet. This he was able to rectify without too much trouble at the same time he advised me to update two machines which I had which were now out of date and suggested I replaced with an iPad. He painstakingly help me set this up which is not easy as I suffer from Parkinson’s disease but he was very patient and considerate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil and his services to any other user.

RL 05 21

My first experience of BrightCall was just 2 weeks ago. I am an Apple user with many Apple products. For the past few years, I have been signed up to Apple Joint Venture but this has now been closed. The assistance I required was to check through and review my computer settings. Neil has done a first class job and was very easy to work with. He has an excellent knowledge of Apple products. BrightCall will be my first point of call for any problems that I have with my computer in the future.

TB 04 21

My first experience of BrightCall was just 2 weeks ago. I am an Apple user with many Apple products. For the past few years, I have been signed up to Apple Joint Venture but this has now been closed. The assistance I required was to check through and review my computer settings. Neil has done a first class job and was very easy to work with. He has an excellent knowledge of Apple products. BrightCall will be my first point of call for any problems that I have with my computer in the future.

TB 04 21

When you need expert IT help or advice look no further than Neil Hutton of BrightCall. Neil has helped me for several years and has provided excellent expertise patiently, professionally and promptly. I also have absolute confidence in his integrity. Highly recommended.

JT 03 21

I was recommended Neil at BrightCall by a friend who has used his services for years, when I had an urgent security issue. Help and initial solution were rapid and highly efficient, dealing first at speed with the immediate issue, then following though in a structured way to thoroughly cleanse and improve my computing set up. I would highly recommend the service.

RA 03 21

We have relied upon BrightCall, both business and family, for many years. Neil Hutton continues to provide excellent professional advice and guidance.

MK 03 21

I have used BrightCall for over 5 years, they are very knowledgeable patient and a good back up when I have problems with my computer printer ipad or iphone. Very honest and reliable I am confident to be able to hand over my computer to resolve an issue.

IM 03 21

If you’re like me and struggle with the ever changing world of IT and are using outdated equipment that will cause you problems, then phone BrightCall. Neil Hutton is so patient and knowledgeable and will guide you in the right direction to get ‘up to date’. He’s certainly opened my eyes to the many pitfalls out there and would recommend him to anyone; especially those who think using the same password for everything is a good idea because it’s easy to remember! Disaster awaits you. Seriously, BrightCall certainly know their stuff so give them a call if you want rescuing from the dark ages.

SM 02 21

BrightCall was recommended by a friend when our Windows pc was infected. Neil cleaned up our machine and gave us good reasons why we should not use a Windows pc. We took his advice and moved to an Apple machine which he set up and we have been very happy using this, confident that it is a lot more secure. Neil has a wealth of relevant information to share and we are confident that he knows what he is talking about in respect of working with and getting the best out of computers, laptops and mobile phones. We are happy to recommend BrightCall.

PH 02 21

We have used BrightCall for a number of years. Always totally helpful - offer advice, information. Go above and beyond what you think you need them to do! And, business permitting, usually very quick to respond. Would highly recommend them.

LB 02 21

I would highly recommend BrightCall. I needed a new laptop and Neil was able to advise me on what to get and transferred everything to the new Mac. He got my ipad, phone and computer to all talk to each other He is not the cheapest solution but having tried a local less expensive option - much of which Neil had to untangle - I would say "go to Neil first and save yourself some money and worry".

JC 02 21

Our e-mails had become increasingly unreliable and so we called Neil Hutton.  He worked behind the scenes to upgrade our Office package, to move us to a modern e-mail system, increase our digital security, and to synchronise our desktop, laptop, and phones.  He did all of this with enormous patience, skill and understanding, and supplied loads of relevant data about hardware options.  His prices are very reasonable, and we have no hesitation in recommending him to everyone.

AD 02 21

In January 2021 Mr Neil Hutton of BrightCall of Reading provided excellent, professional help in solving difficulties with my Apple and Windows computers and I was most pleased.

PW 02 21

I have used this company to help me with my PC, as I am fairly basic with computer knowledge, and have limited sight. Neil has always corrected/updated my computer with helpful suggestions how to make my life easier.

DS 01 21

Neil Hutton, my local engineer, was very helpful in getting my PC back in to working order.                 

NP 12 20

I have had all my p.c. problems sorted out successfully by the brilliant Mr. Hutton from BrightCall for many years now, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who also experience p.c. issues as well, most times the engineer will contact or visit you on the same day that you report your problem.  A very well organised company indeed.

DB 12 20

Always get a speedy response from Neil at BrightCall. He has fixed several issues for us over the years quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend BrightCall.

PB 12 20

Professional and supportive, helped me to make my account safe with sound and sage advice.                 

JC 12 20

Excellent service. Helpful, reliable and friendly. I have been a customer for many years now and highly recommend Brightcall.

JH 12 20

Brightcall are the 5th EMERGENCY Service, I have now used for about 10 years and he has my total confidence in resolving every issue. His recommendation to change to APPLE has vastly reduced call outs, and during COVID19 he has resolved issues remotely. Always friendly and puts nervous users at ease.

MJ 12 20

I have used BrightCall for several years and can highly recommend them. The service is always prompt and professional. As an inexperienced IT user I find their advice and expertise invaluable. I particularly appreciate Neil’s patience.

JM 11 20

Over the 10 years we have been using BrightCall we have always received the most professional, prompt and efficient service where Neil has extricated us from numerous situations brought about by our own lack of computer expertise!.

PM 11 20

Neil Hutton really does know what he is doing and is not only on top of software issues but also has significant capacity for resolving hardware issues. Although I have been using desktop PCs since the very first IBM PC back in the early 1980's, Neil, with his wealth of experience can still rapidly resolve issues that have puzzled and frustrated me for days. It is a huge relief to know that he is there to help if I have an issue.

TL 11 20

Neil of BrightCall has provided support for my iMac since Dec 2017 when my previous computer became severely infected. Not only is Neil quick to respond to problems but his knowledge and experience of computer maintenance is the best I have encountered.

JH 11 20

BrightCall is very good a solving all your computer problems. They can sort out problems whether it is on Desktop computers, Laptops, IPads or smart phones. I have no problem in recommending them to solve your computer problems.

DH 11 20

BrightCall helped me every time I’ve been in mess either with computer or i phone, I would highly recommend them.

AW 11 20

No need to panic this time because I knew BrightCall would be able to come on my computer and sort out the problem I couldn't deal with myself! Super fast and super efficient as before.

GW 11 20

Once more Neil came to my rescue today. Great to have him on the phone talking me through the problem, which was quickly and efficiently sorted.

PM 11 20

Yet again I have had to call BrightCall to sort out my problems due to my lack of IT knowledge. My query was answered very promptly and Neil showed great patience in helping me. Highly recommended - would not think of going elsewhere.

CW 11 20

Neil responded immediately to my email regarding my query to download AOL mail. I would not have been able to do this myself. Took me through each step with great patience as I am not very IT literate. Very pleased. 

JH 10 20

These guys sorted out my sons laptop when he was 200 miles away at Leeds University and I couldn't help. Very impressed with the time spent and the level of detail they went into to sort all the issues he was having. This came off the back of them sorting my mums computers out when she had issues, they deal with everything in a very straightforward 'plain speak' manner and get the job done 11/10.

TB 10 20

My wife and I are IT illiterate. BrightCall have enabled us to remain up to date over the last few years . They respond quickly and ensure that we have the right equipment to service our requirements. Neil Hutton has the rare gift of being able to impart knowledge in terms the layman can understand. We cannot praise him enough.

JF 10 20

What a find somebody to talk us through everything calmly and patiently and simply, with the many faults needing to be sorted on computer and phones.

AS 10 20

I used BrightCall for the first time today and could not have been more impressed. Neal Hutton sorted out my self inflicted problems of being locked out of all my devices, with the great patience needed to cope with my "elderly lady's" speed of response. Also gave lots of good advice on how to avoid future problems. I was immensely grateful and would certainly recommend.

SB 10 20

BrightCall have saved me for a second time by helping sort my laptop and printer as they were not working correctly. Neil was very good at explaining things to me and answering questions and called me back with a quick response. Neil sent lots of extra info re passwords etc to my email for me to read which was very formative. I would definitely use BrightCall again and recommend them to anyone that needs expert help with computers.

SC 10 20

This was my first time using Neil at BrightCall for problems with my laptop. He was so efficient, quick and helpful. Everything was brilliantly explained - Neil sends you really helpful articles he's put together explaining in laymans terms why your computer is struggling and what he (and myself) can do to help it. My laptop has been returned in record speed, all of the issues now sorted. It has saved me having to buy a new one so I am very thankful! I would 100% use BrightCall again.

HG 10 20

We have used Neil from BrightCall on a few occasions. He responded immediately and got to work straight away on our issues and gave us thorough advice in language which we could understand. Also giving us very helpful newsletters to explain various issues that we needed educating on and how to take appropriate action to keep ourselves digitally safe. Great service, wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

HL 09 20

I have been using BrightCall for years and have always found the response quick, friendly and efficient. Having considerable difficulty in resetting my BT email service recently, I needed Neil Hutton’s advice and experience to re-establish it. I strongly recommend BrightCall.

JD 09 20

Neil from BrightCall has sorted out my MacBook Air on two occasions and is always helpful and very professional. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my computing needs are well taken care of. He is also assisting me in upgrading my laptop and helping me choose the right one for me. I would highly recommend his services.

CK 09 20

When it comes to using a computer I'm virtually clueless, and more than a little bit scared! Error messages and concerns over security gave me sleepless nights. So I contacted BrightCall, by landline, and spoke to a real person who helped make my problems melt away. Neil gets back to me really swiftly and then answers all my questions in ordinary language not computer speak. He is even beginning to convince me that computers can be fun!

JD 08 20

A family friend was having issues with her old Computer and Neil Hutton was recommended to us. He sorted it out and with a recommendation that we should purchase a new one due to its age. He gave good clear advice as to why and helped me set it up remotely for our friend. I am no IT person but his guidance meant I could follow his instructions and we got it up and running quickly. He was also very responsive which is something that impressed me as did his professional nature. Would not hesitate to recommend.

JB 08 20

BrightCall has supported my computer use for many years now and I've come to rely on and trust them completely. There is always a prompt response so I'm never left worrying for long and they are calm and thorough whether its a malfunction, set up issues or operator error! Nothing seems to be too big or too small for them and whichever it is, both are dealt with in the same professional way. Its helpful to have their advice on latest bugs/scams and new products and regular MOTs ensure that I'm keeping my IT up to date. Happy to recommend them.

WM 08 20

A professional, helpful and friendly service. Nothing too much trouble. Thoroughly recommend.                 

PJ 08 20

I was having major difficulties with setting up an email account. They were extremely helpful (and successful!). I'd have no hesitation in recommending their skill and patience.

IH 07 20

A few years ago I was having problems with my old computer and contacted BrightCall. Neil Hutton advised me what equipment would best suit my needs and set me up with an iPad and new printer, taking my old equipment away. I had never used an iPad before and I found Neil to be very helpful and patient in explaining how it worked. Whenever I have had a query, Neil has responded promptly and I would definitely recommend BrightCall for all your computer requirements.

PD 07 20

BrightCall were recommended to me by a client nearly 10 years ago for which I am eternally grateful. Neil is quite simply the best I.T. chap we have worked with since opening our business 20 years ago. He is never phased...always finds an answer and will explain in simple English what he has done or is about to do whether that be on-site or remotely. And he has my complete trust which is perhaps the most important point of all.

IC 07 20

I have used BrightCall on a number of occasions. They have always offered fast and efficient service every time. My computer skills are very limited and I find them so patient and understanding of my needs. Can't praise them enough and am confident in the knowledge that they are always there when I need them. Magical Neil

AW 07 20

The response from BrightCall is always prompt and they have been extremely patient when I am rather slow in carrying out their clear and concise instructions. As an elderly client this is something I really appreciate and would not hesitate to recommend them.

AW 07 20

I first used the services of Neil Hutton and BrightCall when I lived in the Maidenhead area, That was about ten years ago. He was recommended to me and the service met all expectations. I knew I was in safe hands and was very happy to follow all his recommendations. I am retired and live in Cornwall now but I would never go to anyone other than Neil and BrightCall if I have a problem with my computer. When I next have to make any change, I shall follow his advice. Twice, in recent years, I have been concerned about things thrown up by my anti-virus/security software. On both occasions, BrightCall provided the answer. It's the peace of mind that matters.

JS 07 20

Very professional, comprehensive and friendly service is how I would sum up BrightCall. They were always looking for ways to help and find the best solutions for us. Whether that was regarding backing up data, decommissioning computers, or how to best restore a computer to it's former performing best. They were totally transparent throughout the process and kept up informed and up to date throughout. Lastly, they provided continual support and advice regarding the setting up of the computer to get the best out of it and the latest technology - i.e. connecting and utilising the cloud to its full potential. We would have never got there by ourselves!

RI 06 20

Two plus years had elapsed since BrightCall had given my desk top computer one their excellent "MoT's" and this was showing as it had slowed down and some functions had ceased to work correctly. I ordered another MoT but found I could not move it to the front door for Neil to collect. Nothing daunted he said he could fix many problems remotely. That is almost exactly what happened the following afternoon. I say almost as he fixed everything. I am impressed by the thoroughly professional way this company is run.


RN 06 20

Neil from BrightCall has been rescuing me patiently for years. Although I have had a computer and now a tablet and i phone for several years, my ability to sort out problems has never improved. I think it’s an age kind of a thing but it’s useful to know he is accessible and ready to sort things out.

GJ 06 20

Just had BrightCall install a new computer. Had to be done over the phone because of current regulations and all done in less than half an hour. As usual excellent service and support and done with great patience.

DB 06 20

Excellent service. Reliable, thorough, very helpful. Also very patient with a very inept customer! Have been using them for about 5 years. Wouldn't use anyone else.

DM 06 20

BrightCall helped set-up my new iPad and deactivate the old one. During the set-up, they helped with my mobile phone and printer set-up. BrightCall are easy to contact, easy to speak to and very very good at what they do. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them.

PC 06 20

BrightCall have assisted me with updating my computer, advising on specifications, purchasing, installation, transferring of data, and will give me instructions on software use. They are always available for help when major of minor problems occur, and they keep me updated by a Newsletter of the latest issues that constantly seem to happen. Over the years they have setup my laptop i-Phone, i-Pad and recently helped with replacing my laptop with a MacBook Pro. I would certainly recommend their services.

SH 06 20

Over the past few years BrightCall has come to our rescue with various problems with our Apple Mac machine and been so prompt and efficient. We know that a telephone call and a visit will soon help us to sort out anything about which we feel anxious - for non professional users they are a lifeline. Their system of precise charging by time actually spent working also means that we know that we get superb value for money. Periodic newsletters with advice about scams, etc., are also very helpful.

TC 06 20

Many years ago I had a problem with my old computer, it deserved a place in The Antiques Roadshow, so I looked in The Directory and found BrightCall. I gave them a ring and Neil came to my house/office and installed a new modern system at a very reasonable price and further more explained in English, not computer jargon, how to work it. I have recommended them to several of my friends who have been extremely satisfied with their service and attitude. I have myself used them again, usually when I have made a error because of my computer illiteracy, and have always found them to be first class.

PP 06 20

I would always recommend BrightCall who convinced me once again with their up-to-date expertise. With their absolutely reliable, knowledgable and customer orientated service I was guided and supported to make major decisions on new equipment and on transfer of data. Their priority on safety can't be valued high enough at times when online scams are normality. Even as a non-tech I understood every step of the process of change, which despite lockdown was exercised easily over the phone.

GM 05 20

BrightCall have helped us over many years, through the transition from Windows, onto iPad to MacBook. Brilliant service always helpful, prompt service and problems all sorted out. This is in lockdown so it was done remotely, brilliant.

MB 05 20

In these very trying times of lock down, using the online shopping sites more and unscrupulous scammers taking advantage of Coronavirus rampaging through our world, we have to be extra diligent with our dealings on line... as I’ve have come to realise to my cost. BrightCall was my first port of call when I realised I had fallen head first into the scammers trap. Without hesitation or judgement Neil came to my rescues and very patiently talked me through the steps I needed to take to unravel myself from this nasty situation. It wasn’t straight forward, it took time and plenty of patience on Neil’s part, but I’m pleased to announce that with his help, I believe my devices have been thoroughly checked over for spyware and adjustments made to make my life easier in the future. So a big thank you to BrightCall. Hopefully I’ve learnt a valuable lesson during this exercise and won’t be so gullible in the future. Grateful thanks to BrightCall.

MW 05 20

Recently, needing help with a complex issue with a laptop transfer, which another had been unable to sort out, BrightCall was contacted. Neil explained his recommendations clearly, demonstrating integrity in his advice. He was thorough and diligent in carrying out the work - ensuring everything was transferred and set up properly. Very professional service.

VT 05 20

I must say that if BrightCall can satisfy this 95 year old (who retired before computers were far from the norm), then anybody else would be as satisfied as me. One call, and the next thing is a call from Neil saying I will be with you in, say 15 mins (or he may take over my machine remotely) and the problem is quickly fixed.

JF 05 20

BrightCall has been helping us at home with our computers for many years, first of all when we had Windows and now that we have (at BrightCall's recommendation) a Mac Mini. I have always found BrightCall to be responsive, knowledgeable and easy to deal with and would recommend the company without hesitation.

JH 05 20

They are very professional, without being patronising, which I find very refreshing. They came to my aid just when I needed it most and solved my problem. I would recommend them any time and of course will use the again if necessary. 

JP 05 20

I've worked with Neil for over 6 months now and he's sorted so much out for us, it's amazing - as a business we are operating in a more slick manner now. It's great to have the comfort to be able to pick up the phone at any time and get some calm, sound advice or help from Neil on all things technical! Very happy to have him as part of our virtual business team and would recommend him as a very safe pair of hands to any one! Thank you!

LR 05 20

Neil Hutton, BrightCall Ltd has been providing my company with IT services for more than a decade. He has ensured that all my computer hardware and software are functioning properly and has enabled me to upgrade my systems to Apple MacBook Pro and to synchronise my lap top with my I-Pad and I-Phone. This enables seamless communications while I am on overseas business travel. Neil is hugely knowledgeable about computer systems and can rapidly resolve any software queries or issues that I have remotely. Sincere thanks to all the help my company has received from BrightCall over the years.

CS 05 20

I have used this company in supporting me with the computer, associated software and internet issues.  I have used them for a number of years now and find Neil and BrightCall very helpful and knowledgeable, with no request being too much to ask for his support.

AL 04 20

BrightCall has been helping me for some years. They are always helpful and patient and have never let me down.

DW 04 20

BrightCall have proved thoroughly reliable and supportive For someone aged fifteen (1948) when the ball point pen was introduced the web can be confusing and worrying. Their advice is free of jargon and readily available. I am glad to have found them from your directory.

DB 04 20

Highly recommended - they are calm and fix things quickly and efficiently no matter how incompetent we are. We have been working with BrightCall for a number of years now and we have an annual service to ensure everything is working as it should. They never fail us and they deserve every accolade they receive.

MF 04 20

An amazingly safe pair of hands for all your IT needs! Neil is reliable, professional, approachable (not always the case with IT gurus!) and most importantly of all, debugs (pardon the pun) the complex web of nasties that IT can involve! Thank you and see you soon!!

KD 04 20

I've used a few "experts" to assist with laptop / PC issues and non proved very satisfactory. Brightcall proved prompt, pleasant, explanatory and most importantly competent - no-one locally compares in my view. Criticisms? - Neil is a chatterbox - maintain focus on YOUR precise need only.

FB 04 20

BrightCall have looked after my computer for many a year. I value them for their prompt and efficient service whenever required.

LP 04 20

We have used BrightCall's services for around 5 years and would highly recommend them. Neil Hutton is always very quick and responsive and we have found his advice very helpful over the years. I used to try to work things out for myself but I have saved myself many hours of frustration by simply contacting Neil immediately when things go wrong. I believe it is vital to have an ongoing relationship with a company such as BrightCall as things change so quickly with computers these days and having an annual service of your PC should be as vital as servicing your car. Neil can often assist remotely too, which will be more important than ever going forward. And if you have multiple devices there are many useful solutions that Neil can recommend.

SW 04 20

I have used BrightCall now for a number of years and have also recommended them to a number of friends and business owners. I have found Neil the owner to be very prompt in his reply to any issues and also deals with the problem very efficiently. Neil has not only helped me with computer issues but has also helped with internet issues and also i pad and i phone issues. I would highly recommend Neil and his team and will continue to use Neil for any future problems that arise.

NT 04 20

I use only an iPad. This was set up for me by Neil Hutton of BrightCall who has been looking after my use of the internet for more than twenty years. Always on call when needed and gives a quick and efficient service. I am very satisfied with BrightCall.

RF 04 20

I have had the pleasure of receiving amazing Technology advice and service from BrightCall over a number of years. I cannot fault their expertise and superior customer service. I do all my work on an iPad and was expertly guided by Neil when I initially changed my method of operation. My life has become a lot simpler having now streamlined everything I do on my iPad and iPhone. Highly recommended.

LG 04 20

My wife and I are in our seventies and rely increasingly on our computer and phones. Over the seven years we have lived here, we have built up total trust in BrightCall to look after our computers. With BrightCall support, a couple of years ago, we took the big step to move from our ancient computers to Apple phones and computers. BrightCall set it all up for us and helped us understand how it worked! We NEVER worry about things going wrong because our default is to make a call to BrightCall knowing they'll sort us out quickly. They also alert us from time to time re things we need to bear in mind (in words we can understand!). It's not just what they do but the way they do it which has been of such benefit to us; a bit like a computer doctor really!

JM 04 20

As a person with limited computer knowledge, I have been using BrightCall for many years. I have always found them quick to respond, and very knowledgeable. They have even helped guide me on what new kit to buy, and installed it all whilst advising on up to date computer security. Would highly recommend.

LH 04 20

Brightcall are a brilliant computer fixing company and have been of great help to us on a far too regular basis as I am not good with this technology!!!!!

Fabulous service, quick to respond and very efficient. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, they are excellent.

SB 04 20

As a retired private iMac user, BrightCall's very prompt and expert response, even to the most basic problem, has been greatly appreciated.

PS 04 20

I have used BrightCall for a number of years both for desktop and Apple devices. Neil has always responded rapidly to my calls knowing that I am not well versed in iT matters. He quickly finds solutions and nothing seems to phase him. I also find the newsletters helpful to remind us of the various and many scams that are around. In summary an exemplary and professional service at competitive prices.

DW 04 20

Long standing customer of BrightCall (Neil Hutton) who has installed new systems, updates, etc and numerous "I am sorry Neil but I seem to have pressed a wrong button. Could you come and fix it please". And in spite of those irritating errors Neil always willing helps out to put it right. If I am tearing my hair out at some glitch (probably caused by the operator) Neil is very reassuring that it can be fixed. One thing to be aware of is if like me you are an untrained and computer illiterate user, Neil tends to assume a greater knowledge than I do have which means patient explanations - do not be afraid to ask he will go over it again.

MI 04 20

I have been using BrightCall to help me out with my IT issues for a number of years. They are always quick to respond and efficient and professional in dealing with any problems and manage to sort out my issues across a range of devices including my iMac and are always on hand to offer good advice. I run my own business and is good to know I have someone helpful and reliable just a phone call away. No job is too small for The BrightCall team!

AH 04 20

As a private householder long retired, I have been using the services of BrightCall for upwards of seven years to sort out problems with my computer.Their response to my requests for help have always been prompt and the end product entirely satisfactory. Wherever possible they will try to resolve the problem remotely and for minor issues have been known to offer free advice for me to do so.

BS 04 20

BrightCall have been a life line for me. The main activities have been; Firstly following house move, changing from windows to iMac, iPad, iPhone together with the necessary education.and with aid of boosters getting the best wi fi throughout the house. Secondly cleanup following hacking including two factor verification etc. Frankly don’t how how could have managed without their help and where necessary same day response.

PV 04 20

I have used BrightCall for around 15 years now and they are fantastic. As a small business it allows me to work on the stuff I know best and not have to worry about the 'behind the scenes stuff', Neil makes my business run smoothly and efficiently which in turn makes me very happy. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

SO 04 20

If you need jargon free help with any computing problem give BrightCall a ring.                                      

LP 04 20

Always deals with issues promptly and seems to find a solution. We have an iMac, iPhone and iPad. Neil looks after all of these three. I can unhesitatingly recommend BrightCall.

HP 04 20

I have been using the services of BRIGHTCALL for several years and found them most helpful with all my issues with desktop home computer. They are very prompt in response to messages and - considering their high degree of expertise - their charges are very reasonable. I would recommend them without reservations.

PV 04 20

Neil from BrightCall did a very good job, advising me on the most appropriate computer for my needs (a Chromebase ), installed it, and frequently updated and "tidied up" on a routine basis and responded quickly, efficiently and courteously to my many requests as for assistance. As a completely "computer illiterate" OAP I very much appreciated BrightCall's services.

SR 04 20

I have used BrightCall for troubleshooting on my computer for ten years and have always found them very responsive and helpful. If they can't fix a problem on the spot then they will take it away for testing in-house and return within a few days. I have always found them very polite and businesslike and wouldn't hesitate to recommend their service.

DH 04 20

BrightCall have been looking after ALL our IT requirements for about 10 years or so. They have offered invaluable advice when purchasing a new device and have always been there for us when we really needed them. They can fix problems remotely, and will answer questions by telephone, without your device having to be booked in first, and their charges are by no means exorbitant. They exude an efficient, friendly approach and I have total confidence in them.

SF 04 20

I have used Brightcall for over ten years to help with buying equipment and software and fixing inevitable bugs. I now have an all Apple environment, iMac iPads and iPhones. Neil Hutton is professional, highly competent, friendly and very helpful.

RM 04 20

Have only used BrightCall when confronted with problems with my iMac and iPad that I cannot resolve. On such occasions Neil Holland their Chief Engineer has usually attended my home promptly and fixed the problem quickly. He has a very pleasant and very helpful manner always willing to impart his obviously extensive knowledge generally without charge to his loyal customers. His charge rate is reasonable when compared to his considerable depth of knowledge and rapid solution of problems.

HC 04 20

For a person with limited IT knowledge and where developments in IT are rapidly outpacing and existing knowledge the Brightcall Team are there to help, support and keep informed and updated. Their knowledge on key issues is kept up to date and their news letters are very welcome and informative on current issues. Would certainly recommend.

AK 04 20

I have found BrightCall to be very helpful and efficient in solving tech problems especially with Mac and windows. I would have no hesitation in recommending there service to others.

CG 04 20

I would like to share my positive experiences about Brightcall. I run a small family business with my husband and use an iMac. Neil has always been so helpful and efficient when I've run into problems with my system. The response time is quick if not immediate, and the thing I love most is that he can virtually take over my iMac and sort any problems for me without having to come over! Fantastic service.

EP 04 20

Have used Brightcall quite a few times over the last 10 years to solve computer glitches coupled with my own incompetence. The response has always been quick, friendly and am back on line rapidly. Very comforting to know Brightcall are available and ready to respond as necessary.

AK 04 20

I have been using the services of Neil Hutton and Brightcall for over ten years now and have always found them very helpful, reliable and efficient. Neil’s help and advice has been invaluable. I would highly recommend BrightCall.

JH 04 20

I have used Brightcall on a number of occasions over the last few years, and have to report complete satisfaction with their service. Neil is friendly, efficient, and tenacious is investigating and resolving problems, and has always got my system going again, even when hardware components have failed. He has also given sterling advice on security and safe online working. Highly recommended.

RJ 04 20

I have enjoyed the services of Brightcall for several years now. They have always responded quickly and efficiently to my call for service, advice and rescue when things go wrong. I would strongly recommend them.

PH 04 20

I have been a customer of Brighcall for 4 years and have been impressed with their technical knowledge and professionalism. They are particularly strong in the areas of security, system recover and protection and home networks. I use a MacBook Pro which they set up for me along with my home network. Both work brilliantly. They are constantly on-call and seem to be able to resolve most IT issues even with the likes of TVs, iPads, Phones etc.

GH 04 20

I've been using Neil Hutton at Brightcall for at least 10 years and he has always been helpful, courteous and very efficient. He knows his stuff and provides support across a wide range of platforms (Apple, Google, Microsoft) and all aspects of IT safety and security. He was especially helpful when I was scammed by a bogus BT engineer, my Windows PC was infected and my security compromised. This resulted in me moving from a Windows PC to an Apple MacMini and adopting tighter security measures and password management. Neil doesn't force you down a particular route but gives you sound up to date advice and guidance so you make choices that are right for you. His newsletters are always very readable and bring clarity to what can be the confusing jungle of IT. I have recommended him to a number of my friends and they have been very satisfied with his work. Thoroughly recommended.

CE 04 20

BrightCall always provides a fantastic service when I need their help, with their knowledge, advice, solutions and timely response. I recently had problems with infections on my computer, which I couldn't resolve. BrightCall quickly fixed the issues as well as answering all my ad-hoc questions. Always very professional, approachable and reassuring!

PH 04 20

I am an iMac user, and this is the business I call for a reassuring voice, immediate help by phone, online or in person. Any dialogue is in straightforward, non-technical and easy to understand language and problems solved.

PH 04 20

Many thanks to Neil at Brightcall for his invaluable assistance in setting up my iPad and phone. His patience has no bounds. I am not computer ‘savvy’ and his perseverance with me was astonishing! I would certainly recommend Brightcall to anyone needing technical assistance with their equipment; don’t hesitate to call them if you need help.

SS 04 20

I should have anticipated that my 8 year old laptop would eventually crash but when it did I was mid way through some personal work and had only saved documents to the device. A local search put up Brightcall (Neil) who had a look the day I dropped it off. He was able to retrieve all my documents and guide me through every aspect of what to do next including brilliant guidance on password security. Whilst the old laptop was past saving Neil listened to what I needed from a home device and gave me brilliant advice on what might be my best option going forward. All for a very competitive price and well worth every penny. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

MP 04 20

I was experiencing problems with my mobile - and not being in any way technical, I knew who to call - Brightcall ! Neil had sorted out my IT problems when my antique pc died and was not able to be resuscitated! He showed me how I could survive quite successfully with my IPad and I’ve done so ever since. I even use dictation but also have a keypad - again recommended by Brightcall. He was also instrumental in advising me on passwords to make me safer on line. He also recommended, and sorted out a wireless printer which has been a boon.. Neil was very helpful on the phone talking through my problem which was resolved. He offers good advice and explains things clearly to this technical Luddite! I have no hesitation in recommending Brightcall.

SB 04 20

There are occasions when I experience problems with my computer, I pad, mobile phone, printer and internet connections. Thankfully the word frustration no longer applies as a call to BrightCall quickly solves the problem. They are professional, friendly, reliable and readily offer advice. I have found that they go that extra bit that can so often make the difference in any situation.

FG 04 20

I have used them for all internet advice and problem solving since 2005. They respond quickly, to problem solving requests. They provide timely and good advice to my wife and I for our Two iMacs, two iPads and two iPhones. They have arranged for all six to be interlinked successfully. They provide this service seven days a week, starting at 0800. I could go on for ever; bu I think think that I have said enough.

PE 04 20

I have been fortunate to have the support of Brightcall over several years, I am an Apple i-Mac user and Brightcall have been excellent in ensuring my i-Mac and associated Apple equipment is working in tip top condition. I've had visits to my Home and easy access to Remote support as and when needed. I also get all the latest unbiased advice when considering the purchase of new kit. Brightcall are my trusted advisor I can't recommend them highly enough!

PB 04 20

We have been served by Brightcall for a number of years. We live in a reasonably remote area with variable Wi-Fi and use a Mac PC, I Pads and I Phones. Our engineer Neil is amazingly attentive, responsive and helpful - always ready and willing to visit if required. Thoroughly recommended!

NG 04 20

I run a small business and have been relying on Brightcall to look after my computers for over ten years now. When I have a problem and phone Brightcall, I always get an immediate response, whether this be an emergency, virus related, general maintenance or just advice and guidance. I rely on Brightcall for all my IT support and have always had a first class and reliable service.

JE 04 20

I was having difficulties with my Microsoft computer. I called I Neil Hutton of Bright Call on the recommendation of a friend. On Neil's recommendation I changed my computer from Microsoft to Apple Mac. Neil Hutton helped me greatly with this change. Since the change he has been on call and manages to get to me quickly. He can also help me by getting into my computer from his base and most times now does not need to visit personally. I have great belief that Neil can manage me through any of my problems which is great for my confidence.

BA 04 20

Had a problem setting up Skype on my Mac. E-mailed Brightcall and they rang back almost immediately. Gave advice over the phone. But also e-mailed me the next morning to make sure l was up and running. When I e-mailed no, they rang, took control of my computer and dealt with it very quickly. I could not have had better service - as we have been having for several years now. Always helpful and reliable.

LB 04 20

As an older, non-technical computer user, I have found BrightCall promptly respond to my queries, however small or repetitive. I am treated with sensitivity and not patronised when I am being talked through how to deal with problems. I respect the depth of knowledge the company possess and therefore I highly recommend them.

CW 04 20

Our company has been working with Brightcall and Neil Hutton for our business IT /IS support for around 10 years. Whether it is our regular security and housekeeping requirements, or the occasional urgent interventions, Brightcall have been both responsive and effective. Regardless of the device and/or operating system Brightcall are 'current' and the support delivers solutions - hence the reason we have been happy with them for over 10 years.

ME 03 20

Brightcall are absolutely brilliant, very swift response times, incredibly helpful and have always fixed and maintained our company software and hardware wonderfully whilst being incredibly realistically priced. Would not use anyone else.

SB 03 20

I called on the services of Bright Call after my laptop suddenly stopped working. Their Engineer was incredibly helpful and after establishing that the laptop could not be repaired gave me advice, based on my current computer usage, on the best way forward and the type of device to get to best suit my needs. Neil, their Engineer was really flexible as to when he came to sort out our problems, working round my working hours and was fantastic at answering any questions and queries we had. Overall a super service and I would recommend Bright Call to anyone having computer issues.

NB 03 20

Bright call are amazing, I recently had my email account hacked and Neil was very patient working methodically to change every password that I had (and others I'd forgotten about!) He was able to remove videos from my Twitter account and secure it once more and put two step verification on everything to prevent this happening again. My computer is still away being cleaned, but everything was changed/updated on a separate computer just in case and mine is being cleaned as a precaution. I'm very happy and couldn't recommend highly enough.

FH 03 20

Brightcall have helped me for 7 years now. On their advice I changed to a tablet from mainframe computer and started using a smart phone. I loved the kindle hdx and the moto G which have provided me with all my needs and Brightcall were on hand to iron out any problems. I have just bought the most recent kindle hdx and started using the moto g7 power in 2020. with help and advice from Brightcall of course.

JS 02 20

While on holiday in South Africa I received the news from Brightcall that my email account had been compromised and that 73 of my contacts had contacted with a scam messages. Brightcall, working with them using my iPhone and without access to my computer, was able to outwit the perpetrator and prevent any damage. Furthermore, Brightcall emailed all of the contacts advising them of what they had done. I cannot praise Brightcall’s service and professionalism highly enough for saving the day, and enabling us to continue enjoy our holiday without the stress we might otherwise have endured.

CB 02 20

Brightcall I have used them on several occasions and have always found them quick to respond and very helpful. Should you have any kind of computer problem just give them a call and help will be on the way.

RK 02 20

When my computer started giving trouble recently I decided to contact Brightcall who are recommended in the Reading edition of the Little Green Book. I am happy to say that they responded promptly and dealt quickly and efficiently to sort out my problems, including in their attentions much good advice especially concerning the vexed question of passwords; particularly appreciated by an elderly and inexperienced computer user like myself.

VS 02 20

I started using Brightcall about three years ago, and have been very pleased not only with their remedies but, importantly, their technical advice. Neil Hutton has been my main contact, and has provided (very patiently!) services either on a remote basis (where that is appropriate) or site visits. Am pleased to recommend Brightcall to others.

MC 02 20


I’ve used Brightcall on a number of occasions and have always found them to be very responsive to my request for help with an appointment arranged quickly, that has provided sound technical service and problem resolution.

AM 02 20

I wish to recommend Neil from Brightcall of Charvil Nr Reading. I’ve known him for 10-15 years and is brilliant and fantastic helping me with my I-phone, I-Pad & I-pod touch. He’s helped me with things like synchronising all my photos on my Apple products and music too. He’s good at recommending about changing products too like going from my laptop to my I-pad etc too. He will even help you at weekends etc too.

DH 02 20

Had an ageing laptop with windows 7 and needed to upgrade. Neil at Bright call transferred all my photos/documents and emails via a cloud onto my iPad. No more backing up required. One monitor and keyboard/mouse later and am operating without having to buy another laptop. Gave me loads of info on safety and security, changing passwords etc. Job done. Very happy customer.

JP 02 20

I have an iPad which I do all my work on. I use Brightcall to help me with any queries I have. They always reply promptly and often come the same day. I find them very helpful and reliable.

SE 02 20

We have been using Brightcall for nearly ten years to sort out our computer problems. We have always found them fast, efficient and knowledgeable. When my own computer got rather tired Neil recommended that I try a very inexpensive replacement called Chromebox. This was good advice and I have been very pleased with the result.

TI 02 20

I have just had a new computer installed by Neil Hutton of BrightCall.  He was so patient with me when I asked many questions he was particularly concerned that I had the right amount of security and I trust his advice.  I thought his charges were very fair and competitive 

BH 02 20

I have been using Brightcall's services for over 7 years. Calls are always dealt with by Neil promptly and efficiently. Of particular interest to me is the interfacing of computers with my ham radio equipment, where I have found Neil's expertise invaluable.

MH 02 20

Brightcall provide a complete answer to all computer problems of any nature. When in the need of help, there is very little delay, if any, before they respond. I have found their engineers to have an in depth knowledge and are able to supply valuable information when updated hardware and software become necessary. I would recommend them very highly.

GF 02 20

When Microsoft withdrew support for Windows 7 I needed to upgrade to Windows 10 to ensure continued security. I contacted Brightcall Ltd for assistance and received an immediate response. The Chief Engineer, Mr Neil Hutton visited my residence and was extremely helpful and happily discussed computer systems and offered advice. He convinced me that the way forward was to change to the iPad which is easy to use and is much more secure. He also suggested obtaining a Wireless Printer. I took his advice and purchased an iPad from the Apple Store and a Wireless Printer over the internet. I have been using both products without difficulty so my sincere thanks to Brightcall Ltd

MN 02 20

Brightcall are my go-to company whenever I have any IT issues. Neil at the company is responsive, professional, timely and he gets the job done. Can't ask for more really.

TM 02 20

I have used the services of Brightcall Ltd since starting computing, some 20 years ago. Phone calls are promptly answered or if one leaves a message a reply is always received. The service is first class and problems soon solved. Neil, the chief engineer is always happy to answer questions over the phone and his periodic letters give advice on subjects such as password management, spam and phishing emails.etc. This information is free of charge and he is happy for one to pass it on to friends. My rating out of 10 would be 11.

AS 02 20

Neil from BrightCall is very responsive and will see you through your IT panics and problems. I have used his services for many years and he has always given me sound IT advice and guidance for my freelance business. I can thoroughly recommend him.

HA 02 20

 I have been a client of Brightcall now for several years. During this time I have received excellent service and I would be happy to recommend them to any future clients. As a self taught computer user I know that I only have to pick up the telephone and within a short space of time Mr Hutton will be helping me out. As a company Brightcall are a pleasure to do business with. 

MC 02 20

I have used BrightCall for some years and have been delighted with their expertise and service. Problems are fixed quickly, either in the workshop or, even better, remotely where the engineer takes over the computer (in the latter case, I was 'phoned on a Sunday and my problem was fixed in a short time) as the engineer was aware that the matter was urgent. I highly recommend this firm.

RM 01 20

I have used them many times over the last couple of years and always found them very helpful, straight talking and very reasonably priced. I have dealt mainly with Neil Hutton who is polite & not patronising at all when explaining things that I have no idea about!  I would absolutely recommend this business to friends & family with no hesitation.

EP 12 08

I have been using the services of Brightcall Ltd for some years.  Throughout this time Brightcall have offered a very quick, professional, high quality, effective service on the IT needs of my business.  They are very good at adding extra free quality value to their services, they are totally customer focused and have an excellent policy of integrity, customer care and service.

VG 12 08

I recently called on BrightCall to deal with a computer crash. The little Green Book did not let me down. The professional service and continued follow up is excellent.

PF 12 13
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